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  • HELP!!! CAN ANYONE HELP ME?! I’m sooo sooo sorry!!! I have no idea what happened, but I think I took over my friend’s website/domain name. I normally go onto on my Toshiba laptop, it’s bookmarked so it’s always easy to get to. But when I tried to get onto with my dad’s mac, I couldn’t get to it. Instead a page came up saying that I needed to download WordPress. I decided to just do it and in two VERY easy steps (all I did was put in my name and e-mail address and they gave me the user name “admin” and password) I had my own WordPress weblog! I thought this was cool until I realized with horror that my journal was on my friend’s domain name. I had my other friend on his laptop go to and I went back to my Toshiba and tried to get to the website using the Bookmarked address. All times my new journal showed up! I’m so sorry Sean!! I have no idea what happened!! All of his journal entries, pictures and comments were on there . . . Can anyone help me?

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  • It looks like you pretty much overwrote the original blog. How, though, is a complete mystery to me — do you have access to his FTP account?

    Actually, going on what you wrote in your post, what might have happened is that he was upgrading wordpress at the time, or making some changes to the installation, and you happened to see the install page.

    Right, first tell your friend immediatly. Secondly tell your friend to report this incident to her hosting company (however that may be) tell her to ask them for a mysql back up of her wordpress blog. – say a day old for example.

    Once you’ve done that report back here and I will give you futher instructions.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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