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  • Ok, so I’m using google chrome to enter the /wp-admin of one of my blogs and it won’t let me. The others seem to work fine. Every time I type in my password it just loads the login page again. Also, there are comments that it tells me that I don’t have permission to edit, thrash, or report as spam. The comments themselves don’t even seem to be live on my blog and they say “This comment has been removed by the blog administrator”. A third problem I’m having is with trying to preview my posts, it tells me I don’t have permission to do that either. I log in as the administrator. I’m the only user. I can log in to the wp-admin page fine with explorer. Anyone have any ideas? Tech support on my hosting site is a joke, they don’t know shit and want me to pay money to talk to their programmers.


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  • Why would your hosting company give you support for that ofr free? It’s your own software, your own modifications, and it’s jsut running on their servers. If they had anything to do with the software, then sure they coudl offer free support, but seeing as how they don’t, they are quite right to want to charge to fix any mistakes that have been made on your end.

    As for your problem with Chrome, the most likely thing is that there’s a problem with cookies or session settings in Chrome. If it works with other browsers, then it’s not your site that’s broken. 🙂

    Well first off, they are the ones who provided me with the software to use and I already pay them, so I figured they should be able to help. I didn’t download wordpress on my own and bring it to them. But thanks. I tried deleted cookies on chrome and doesn’t seem to have helped.

    I didn’t say to delete cookies. I said that it’s most likely a problem with the settings in Chrome. If it works on other browsers, and not in Chrome, then there’s not many other things that it can be. I haven’t had this problem so I don’t know the exact area to check, but have a look through all of the options that you get in Chrome when you click on teh big wrench icon (for settings). The most likely cause is that there’s something in the settings that is blocking cookies or sessions. You just need to find where it is, and we can’t do much from here because we can’t see the settings on your PC.

    I can log into my other blogs using chrome, so don’t know why one would be effected and not the others.

    In that case, you need to get technical. Seeing as how you can’t use the admin area, you will need to use FTP to re-name ALL of the plugin folders on your site to disable them. Then do the same with any non-default themes, and this will force it back to TwentyEleven.

    After you do that, try to log in again. It should work. If it does, then rename each plugin one at a time ack to it’s original folder name and re-enable it in the admin area, then log out and back in again. Do this for each plugin and theme until something breaks. That will show you what is causing the problems.

    If that doesn’t work, then I don’t know what else could be wrong. Are your other blog sites running on the same server, or at least through the same hosting company?

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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