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  • I am working on something very similar to TheMarco’s problem. Sadly, I’m not yet WordPress-proficient-enough to adapt it to my situation. Hoping you can help.
    What I have:
    A site of quotes with format: “Quote text.” -Quote Author
    See for my test website (my apologies in advance for the testing-profanity).
    What I’m after:
    Clicking “-Quote Author” should launch a page of all quotes by that quote author with URL:, where Steve Stevenson is the Quote Author.
    What I’ve done:
    Created a custom table called wp_qauthor that is tied to wp_posts by post_meta (qauthor_id).
    Added the following code to functions.php (thanks, Otto):

    add_filter('query_vars', 'add_my_var');
    	function add_my_var($public_query_vars) {
    		$public_query_vars[] = 'qaid';
    		return $public_query_vars;

    Created a link for the Quote Author’s name as such:
    <a href=">Steve Stevenson</a>
    Clicking on this link currently loads home.php, but I need it to hit index.php, where I’ve added the code:

    elseif (get_query_var('qaid')) {
    	$qaid = get_query_var('qaid');
    	query_posts($query_string . "&meta_key=qauthor_id&meta_value=" . $qaid);

    Assuming I need to add some wp_rewrite rules as well to functions.php, but we all know what assuming does.
    At this point, a single response would be absolutely A+, as I’m frustrated as all gitup. Many thanks.

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Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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