• The activity for the WordPress Codex Cleanup Week has been incredible, but we need more help.

    We started posting specific tasks needed, such as articles written and jobs done, to encourage people to help us out.

    Remember, when you came looking for help on this forum, you probably sat there, looking at the screen, checking your message for AGES hoping for an answer. The more answers we can provide with the WordPress Codex, the faster users can get answers to their questions. This isn’t to replace the forum but to provide answers to redundant questions and more complex issues than can always be provided here.

    Please help us. This is all volunteer and we need your help.

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  • skippy



    As an addendum, we’re looking for community effort, which means we don’t expect any one person to do all the work for any one article or topic.

    If one person wants to do all the work, and they can, great. But that’s not expected.

    If you know something — even a little bit — about one of the open tasks, please take five to fifteen minutes to write something down. Your outline will serve as a starting point for others to contribute. Or you can contribute to someone else’s outline.

    Look at the list, find what you consider to be “low hanging fruit” and take a stab at something. Through collective effort, we can get a lot done!

    Thanks for mentioning the “community work” that many of these documents undergo. Right now, I’m monitoring on one article with four other people working together to ensure that it is the best it can be for WordPress users.

    We do our best to check and recheck the articles so they are as “right” as we can make them. And when someone on the forum or otherwise points out a problem, that person or the documentation team volunteers can quick move in to fix it. It’s all about teamwork here.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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