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  • Once upon a time…

    My site worked just fine.
    WordPress did just as expected.
    But an upgrade last week
    Caused the website to reek.
    So, now my gravestone is being erected. is my first WordPress website. Last week I made what was probably the third or fourth version upgrade of the WordPress installation on the site. Things have gone so smoothly in the past, that I decided to skimp and not make a local backup this time. (A highly regrettable decision that is haunting me to the core.) Immediately afterwards I left on a 4 day vacation, i.e. in my haste, I failed to first look and see whether the upgrade was successful. When I returned on Monday of this week was when I first noticed that the site was broken, i.e. it presented an error message rather than the home page.

    I was told by my host’s technical support team that the WP database was now missing some tables. The upgrade was unsuccessful. It was recommended that I simply add the tables back into the database. And that the tables could be found in my local copy of a backup. (Riiiiiiiiiiiight. If only I had a local backup…aaargh!?!)

    I immediately attempted to “Restore a Backup” using SimpleScripts. What I read in the notes prior to implementing the restore sounded encouraging:

    “A. Any backups listed here are the direct result of an upgrade, and restoring will only bring you back to the version you were at when the backup was taken. (Yes! Perfect!!!) B. The backup contains only the files that we changed during the upgrade, and is NOT a full backup. (Not sure, but that doesn’t sound so bad.) C. The backup may contain a copy of your database as it existed at the time the backup was taken. That means any data entered between the time of backup and the time of restoration will be lost!” (No worries since there hasn’t been any changes.)

    I thought: “This should do it!” But it didn’t. The same issue persisted.

    As far as I can tell (with help from a patient, if growing increasingly impatient tech support resource at my host, iPage), the problem can be summed up like this: my host keeps a single backup on the system. The current backup was made AFTER the errant upgrade…while I was on vacation…and, so, it backed up what was already a broken site. So, the only backup I have of the site is a broken one. Unfortunately I am under the impression that my mistake (not making a local backup of my WP files and database prior to the upgrade) is going to cost me greatly. Aaaaaaaaaaarrrggghhh….

    So, now, what to do? How can I salvage any of the work I did prior? Experienced with rather simple HTML sites, but not so familiar with a CMS, I am thinking that at the very least all of the images and videos should be in tact somewhere…? I am thinking that just because there are some database tables missing, does that really mean that no posts and/or pages can be salvaged? I am wondering if I further mucked things up by trying to Restore a Backup…? I am wondering if the forms I created exist? And the specialized code, the finely-customized changes I made to the .css and .php files…they are all there and appear to be intact! So…surely I don’t have to start from scratch…? Right?

    So…can anyone provide me some direction? Can anyone tell me what it is that I should do to get my site back?

    Thanks so much in advance for any help.

    Betty 😉

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    If you don’t have a complete backup – either your own or from your host – you’re simply out of luck. It’s gone. Hard lesson to learn about having good backups.

    Maybe you can find some cached pages at Google:

    SongDog, yeah, that’s what I feared.

    As for the cached pages, YES, I do see several of them on Google. Might sound stupid, but how exactly do they help? If it were an HTML website, I would understand what to do. Being a WP site, I’m afraid I don’t know where to begin. Could you please instruct me? (I’d be extremely grateful!)


    Moderator Mark Ratledge


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    Cut and paste the text and right click the images from cache pages; that’s all you can do to salvage anything. Re-enter in WP.

    I was afraid of that! 😉 Alright, well, thanks for the explanation.

    Actually, just for clarity, let me ask whether this can be done using the current WP installation, i.e. the one that already has all of the images, video, customized .css and .php files?

    I ask b/c I’m just not familiar…and b/c I am under the impression that the current installation has a database with missing tables. So, I’m wondering if that will negatively effect me…?

    If that is not recommended, if the preferred method would be to start from scratch, is there any sense in pulling down the .css, .php files, graphics, etc. and then replacing them in a new, fresh WP installation?

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