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    I am commenting as admin. and when ever I use a number, when the comment is published, a vimeo video appears. I am stumped.
    I have scanned my site for malware, nothing.
    Is this some automatic inserting?
    I was describing image width and 1200 or 1 2 0 0 both create videos. When I separate the numbers I get MORE videos. Strangest thing. I have not been able to raise anything similar in searches.
    Any help or ideas or guidance?
    I am totally stumped.

    And THANK YOU in advanced.

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  • This is happening to my blog also!

    I can’t figure it out… Ugh.

    Thanks for any help.

    Yes! I am getting the same video? What theme are you using? What other plugins are you using that you think could have something to do with it?
    Crazy huh?

    Happening at my place, too.

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    Can’t see the code in comments on the WordPress admin. It appears like the host has been hacked. The vimeo video code doesn’t appear to be in the comments part of the DB, but is injected after, as the page is served.

    I notice there was a new Jetpack update a couple hours earlier.


    I deactivated Jetpack and the videos disappeared. I then reactivated Jetpack (3.9.5) and the videos did not return. Yet, anyway.

    Thanks, that worked for me!

    Yep, Jetpack seems to be the culprit (again, I might add). Deactivated it and the videos went away.

    Update from Jetpack:

    Vimeo Embeds in Comments: If you are seeing random Vimeo videos in your comments, please deactivate the Shortcode Embeds module at Jetpack > Settings in your sites Dashboard for now. Version 3.9.6 is due out soon to fix this.

    Same as Matt – I deactivated Jetpack and it is gone. Reactivated it, still gone.

    We’ll see if it happens again.

    Thank you EVERYBODY!!! Love community! Didn’t even think about JetPack. Yep, usually a plugin problem. Comments are JetPack. So tired from looking at this screen and putting out fires. Never thought about it.

    Just saw JetPack issued an update too.

    Thank you everybody. Solved the issue for me too.

    Best wishes.

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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