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  • I’d start by going back to the validator and check the “Show source” box then revalidate.
    In this way you’ll see exactly the location of the errors and will be easy to find them in your code.

    Hey, you told the validator in the very first line of your HTML, that it’s XHTML. In this case it’s not <br> but
    This applies to tags, that don’t have closing ones, like p img …

    Here’s the revalidation with source:

    McShelby – I kinda understand what you’re saying, but what’s the fix for that? Just take the X out of XHTML?

    No, add a forward slash to the br tags, like this:

    <br />

    Thanks guys, that took me from 32 down to 17… still far from finished but that’s awesome! Any other suggestions, feel free to lay them on me.

    Hey, inomaly, just so you don’t feel so bad….

    When I first got back into css after 4 years pretty much “away” when I went back to work full time, the first site I redid (one of my own, thankfully!) came up with 276 errors…. I still have the page printout to remind me how far I’ve come since!

    vkaryl: The br tag is what I also wrote in my reply but for some reason this comment system interpreted the br as linebreak instead of writing the tag into my reply. I may have had to encapsulate it with a pre tag?

    inomaly: You should not use the center tag anymore. Use CSS instead. The rest of the validation problems you have are pretty well explained by the Validator output. Just take some time and _read_ the error messages. You may also consult a XHTML reference like Sorrowly the english translation isn’t finished at all, but there are translations in german, spanish, japanese and french – if this helps…

    XHTML requires a tag that has no closing element, to be closed.
    with an ‘img’ tag, you need to ‘close’ the tag with />
    <img src=’blah.jpg’ alt=’pic of blah’ />

    I may have had to encapsulate it with a pre tag?
    Nope. Just read the instructins below the text input area: “Put code in between backticks” – usually it’s on the same key as the tilde ~

    @moshu: Ah, reading all content of a page helps a lot. Wasn’t that my hint for inomaly 😉 Thanks

    Again, my thanks to all of you. With your help I’ve whittled it down to 14 errors, which I’m sure will be significantly less once I get rid of the center tags later this evening. Thanks again!

    Hint: An ul tag is only allowed to follow up an li tag. If you want to have some caption above the list like “Powered by” you have to write it before the ul tag.

    Make sure your images always have “alt” in them and that you’ve got an equal number of div and /div tags, too. That should take care of a bunch of errors.

    I hadn’t validated my site in a long time. After I read your post, inomaly, I checked and found 157 errors! I only needed to fix about ten or twelve things, but it’s surprising how quickly the errors creep in over time.

Viewing 14 replies - 1 through 14 (of 14 total)
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