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    Hello All,

    Thanks for choosing our plugin!😇

    We work hard to make sure that our plugin hits the right mark for everyone, all the while making it the best among all.

    We would very much appreciate if you can help us out with the translations so that everyone can use the plugin without any linguistic barriers. We look forward to your participation in the contributions.

    You can submit the translations for different languages where we are missing out and follow up with the official translator on WordPress Translators Slack channel and ask them to approve your work. Please note that moderators should approve it for other users to benefit from it.

    Here is what we have achieved together so far:

    Thank you very much for your help and contributions, we really appreciate it!

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  • momo-fr


    I have just added French translations but there are many terms and sentences that are inaccessible to translation. Can you fix that?



    Is there a way to not automatically translate the plugin? The Finnish translation is so bad it’s hard to understand anything from the settings. Our client wants to to use the admin in Finnish, but it doesn’t make any sense to automatically translate the plugin if it becomes hard to use or unusable.

    Plugin Author webtoffee


    Hi @momo-fr,

    Please point out a couple of strings that you are referring to which are not accessible in translations.

    Hello, I’ve just completely translated the plugin in Italian (only free part as I don’t have the paid version).

    Please, can you review it so I can start using it as soon as possible? In the mean time I’m forced to upload my translations manually with the risk of get them overwritten by updates.

    Thank you!

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    There are also parts of the plugin that cannot be translated:

    1. Customise button > cookie_button > text
    2. Customise button > cookie_button > action
    3. Customise button > cookie_button > size

    The same applies to the same settings in reject_button and settings_button.

    I also need a note below automatic hiding after a delay: in Italy this setting is illegal as the current laws require an “active behavior” by the user: hiding the short policy (cookie banner) after a delay is not allowed in Italy and the user MUST be warned about this.

    Plugin Author webtoffee


    Hi @aerendir,

    Thanks for updating the translations. We cannot approve the same as the account does not have enough permission. Please follow the instruction given in the above post to get translations reviewed and approved.

    We will look into the missing strings and update accordingly in the coming release. The hide after delay option you are referring to is configurable under the plugin settings and is by default set to no. A note is given below the option which explains it clearly.
    As per latest GDPR policies it is required to take an explicit consent for the cookies. Use this option with discretion especially if you serve EU

    Hi, I completed translation to german. But there are two strings yet i cannot translate. in folder public -> line 55 to 58. There are “necessary” and “no-necessary” which came up in the cookie settings of the popup.

    these string cannot be translated via .po / .mo



    I have similar problem as reported above by gluehbirne:
    How to translate “Necessary” and “No-Necessary” which came up in the cookie settings of the popup?
    Best Regards

    Plugin Author webtoffee


    Hi @larido55 @gluehbirne @aerendir, @momo-fr,

    In the previous version, some strings like the show more, necessary, non-necessary, always enabled and enabled etc weren’t included in the translation functions.

    We have released a new version of the plugin with the required translations updated. Please download the latest update and check.

    the french translation fucked up my cookies , so now I don’t have secure cookies anymore.

    Do not use accents when setting a cookie name , English letters are the rule , yes it will hurt your french feelings , but I rather comply with security then with your feelings 😉 , no pun intended.

    the problem is with the first e in necessaire
    cookielawinfo-checkbox-Nécessaire=yes; expires=Mon, 29-Jul-2019 15:13:26 GMT; Max-Age=3600; path=/;HttpOnly; Secure; SameSite=Strict

    Plugin Author webtoffee


    Hi @jseutens,

    This issue is fixed in the latest update.

    Dear @webtoffee
    Please avoid splitting sentences into several chunks that you later on join back. Many languages prefer different order between various parts of a sentence, and it’s not unusual that you need to use various forms of a word depending on whether it’s the subject or an object in a phrase.

    Here’s one example (but there are more in your code):
    <?php _e('Click', 'cookie-law-info'); ?> <a href="<?php echo admin_url('edit.php?post_type='.CLI_POST_TYPE.'&page=cookie-law-info-policy-generator'); ?>"><?php _e('here', 'cookie-law-info'); ?></a> <?php _e(' to generate content for Cookie Policy page.', 'cookie-law-info'); ?>

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