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  • ResolvedPlugin Author Florian Ziegler


    We are looking for people to help translate picu.

    If you can help, we would love for you to jump in and do so here:

    Also, if you feel like you have enough experience, we would love to get you on board as a Project Translation Editor (PTE). Every language team has a slightly different approach concerning the guidelines to promote someone to PTE.

    Please drop us a line, if you are interested and we are glad to assist you!

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  • @saretar

    Ook, you convinced me to use “zdjęcia” in this plugin.

    But “Zatwierdziłaś/eś” is totally not acceptable.


    Please fill translation for countable form “0,5,6”.

    Hi @iworks

    I did review last 15 or so strings. Unfortunatelly, when i rewrite them, system makes another copy of suggestion.
    You have accepted most of the work, thanks a lot, but now i cant check them again and correct those unfortunate “obrazki” in many strings allready accepted.

    Could You add me to plugin translators, so i can review strings later, especially on live, when wordpress makes plugin translation (as i understand it should take place right now). Some contexts where really vague to translate.


    Oh, i can reedit accepted strings, but im just adding more work – pte/gte needs to review them again.
    There are some small niuances like “email” & “e-mail”, unselected & not selected are translated once “nie wybrane” and other one “niewybrane”, thats mistake. Lastly those “obrazki” here and there.

    Hi Marcin @iworks
    I’ve reedited about 30 strings, please check them. Mostly obrazki for zdjęcia and some minor live context edits.

    Hello there. I would like to ask for review of translations for #sk_SK version.

    I have another batch of translations for #sk_SK version waiting for approval. Thanks.

    #sk_SK strings approved. We approve string regularly and have empty queue, so we will see if there is something new 🙂

    Plugin Author Florian Ziegler


    Thank you @saretar, @iworks, @nihil0 & @kavoros!

    Your work is much appreciated! 🙏

    Hi Marcin, @iworks

    I’ve reedited some strings, pls review them.
    One more thing. There is a string i stable version “Edytuj dostawę”. It should sound “Edytuj wysyłkę” but i cannot suggest it, because its allready suggested and not accepted.

    Plugin Author Florian Ziegler


    If someone could review/approve the #fr_CA translations that @ocusfocusphotographies did for our plugin, that would be awesome! 🙂

    Plugin Author Florian Ziegler


    Thanks @maximejobin for checking and approving! Much appreciated! 🙏

Viewing 12 replies - 16 through 27 (of 27 total)
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