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  • WordPress has been good to me. To try to help out, I share my plugins and stop by these forums occasionally to see if I can answer a few questions, even though I am less knowledgeable than the regulars (I was a political science major for goodness sake). I last about an hour and then get frustrated that most questions could be answered in a couple of minutes if people looked at the codex.

    We have a big sticky at the top telling people what they should post. And we constantly remind people to search the forum. But perhaps the “Before Posting” thread should say something about all the documentation that has been written. I suspect a lot of folks would look at the docs if they realized they were there, freeing up these forums for the truly difficult (or non-codex) questions.

    The “before posting” thread is closed, so I can’t add a note to that effect. Just a suggestion to the mods, though, since they can add a comment to the before posting thread.

    EDIT: It’s annoying that the quicktags above the textarea show that i is allowed, when it’s actually em that’s allowed. Had to go back and change it…

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