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  • Plugin Contributor Chris Badgett


    The other day I was talking with a LifterLMS Pro customer and she said that she really appreciated how approachable we were. She said that it was great to do business with a company that listens to what it’s users have to say.

    That means a lot to me because we do care about what you want, what you need, and even what you don’t like or where you’re struggling.

    We haven’t gotten to where we are with LifterLMS by assuming we know exactly what you need and where your priorities are.

    Help us decide what you need as a new feature or an add-on extension to make LifterLMS even more useful to you. Click the link below and come vote on our public trello board:

    Your voice matters.

    If you don’t see your idea on the public trello board, you can send your feature idea to me here:

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  • Hi Chris

    A few suggestions from my perspective would be fantastic

    When using the Divi theme and page builder from Elegant Themes, it would be fantastic to be able to utilise the page builder within the lifterlms section of our site. The lifter lms section takes a lot more work to make it look pretty. And i cannot achieve any of the functionality from my premium theme within the lms section.

    A module to allow interactive powerpoint presentations to be hosted on page, with full interactive functionality, not just slide transitions.

    Allow for easier modification of the lesson complete button and navigation buttons, they are pretty ugly.

    Develop some more instructions for all the things that went missing in lms 3.0 from the settings menu. Thats made everything so so much harder and slower to develop. I get why you did it, but im not convinced it was a necessary or positive move. You may have appeased some developers, but i think it might wipe out the mass appeal.

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    Ok so further to that i worked out how to use Divi, I already had Divi Booster, and it seems to do the treat nicely for allowing divi to work on custom post types.

    Plugin Author Thomas Patrick Levy



    Please open new threads in the forum if you have questions or need support, posting on a sticky is a sure way for me to miss your questions!

    I would love to see fill the gap questions in the quizzes. Thanks.

    Plugin Contributor Chris Badgett


    @diegoele Thank you. Can you please vote on that question type here in the official feature voting area:

    Also feel free to look around and vote on anything else that looks interesting to you.

    Hey @chrisbadgett,

    I have looked what feels like everywhere and found nothing on this. A HUGE wish from my side to add to LifterLMS would be the option to add different tiers to courses.

    In other words, I have seen many people create a course with optional bonus content. There would be two (sometimes more) access plans with different prices on the same course – one with the bonus content and one without the bonus content. I know that some people misuse the Memberships to make this possible, but I already use memberships for something else on my site and this would be a fantastic feature!

    Something like this:
    Course Tiers

    Ferdinand Göldner

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    Plugin Contributor Chris Badgett


    Thanks for the feedback Ferdinand! I see what you’re trying to do.

    Having some bonus course content at a higher price in one of the ways people use LifterLMS memberships.

    In addition to being able to bundle multiple courses for sale, a LifterLMS membership allows you to package a course and additional bonus content.

    The other option would be to create 2 versions of the course; one would have more bonus lessons. You could build your own sales page with a pricing table linking into the checkout with either course in the cart.


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