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  • I have installed the wordpress on a Linux machine. But because i am not the only user on this machine, i could only install the wordpress in the /home/myname/.public_html/wordpress directory, which causes a problem when i redirect my domain to this machine.
    So, let’s say this linux machine has the real name “”, so i could use wordpress under the link “” WITHOUT problems. But when i want to redirect all request on to, all the pages DON’T work!
    I have tried to read the source code and i thought the problem is by the two variable siteurl and home. Therefore, I try to modify the entries in wp_options directly in the database, but it doesn’t work too.
    Who has such experience and could help me? Thanks a lot!

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  • Does by default point to ?
    If yes, then put index.php in the root (myname) folder and change the Blog URI to be and the WP URI to be and it will work.
    Otherwise, contact your host about having by default to point to

    Thanks for the reply!
    I have done all the modification you said. But it still doesn’t work.
    Some more details about the errors:
    I can successfully log into the system. But after i give my name and password, the page is not redirected to wp-admin/post.php(what normally should be!) and i see the wp-login.php again. And now if i type directly in the browser “” i can see the wonderful page, what means that the login prozedure has run properly and only the page redirection is not ok. I have tried to change the wp-login.php file at the position header(“Location: $redirect_to”) but it seems also not to work.
    I hope that i have explained my question clearly. My english is not so good 🙂
    Thanks for any suggestions!

    It probably is just a browser cookie problem. Try logging in after clearing the cookies in the browser, you don’t need to hack or change anything.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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