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  • Help, guys!

    I just tried to do an automatic upgrade from 2.6 to 2.7 with the automatic upgrade plugin, and it gave some sort of warning, but I ignored it (kinda stupid, I know) and went ahead, and now the site is NOT upgraded (even though it said upgrade successful), and the site is stuck in maintenance mode.

    URL (even though nothing to see there at the moment!

    HEEEEEELP – what can I do???

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  • Delete the auto upgrade plugin and see if that does it. If not, look in your WP root directory and see if there is a .maintenance file…if so, delete that as well.

    Deleting the upgrade plugin didn’t do anything. Which one exactly is my root directory (sorry for sounding stupid) – I have had a look pretty much everywhere and can’t find a maintenance file…

    The same directory as your wp-admin directory. If you can’t find that, then you may need to disable your plugins through phpMyAdmin. See the following video for directions.

    How to Deactivate Plugins When You Can’t Login to WordPress

    Another resource to check out. Scroll down to How to clear the “Briefly unavailable for scheduled maintenance” message after doing automatic upgrade?

    Edit: I didn’t read Figaro’s response closely enough. He already covered that. BTW, good job with the videos.

    @lenk Thanks

    Hi again,
    thanks for all your effort to try and help me. Facts are that I actually can log into my wp-admin, everything is working in there, it is just still version 2.6, and my site is still in maintenance mode, even though I did get the message after the automatic upgrade that it had successfully upgraded. When I go into my public_html folder through my FTP Program, there is no maintenance file anywhere. I tried to deactivate the Upgrade plugin to no avail. I also deleted it completely, to no avail.
    I need the site up and running again, so I contacted my hosting company d9hosting and they are going to fix the problem for me.
    Thanks again for all your help, and in the future I won’t be as stupid as this time….


    I upgraded through the auto upgrade plugin and my site got stuck in maintenance mode. To fix it I deleted the dumb plugin and then uploaded my local index.php in the root folder. That fixed it. Hope this helps you.


Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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