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    Hey all. I’m fairly new to WordPress and databases in general, but I’m still hoping someone might be able to shed some light on installing WordPress to a multi-hosted domain. I can access the main domain’s cpanel just fine, create databases, add users etc. I’m curious, if I follow the guide for uploading wordpress to a multi-hosted domain, would my wordpress directory likely be located at : This is in fact the format for one domain I have multi-hosted so far (www.maindomain/mult… works just fine) but I’m curious as to how this will all tie in. I sincerely apologize for my ignorance here. The confusion really starts when I try to rationalize creating the database through the main domain’s cpanel, and then integrating that to work with the multi-hosted domain. Anyone who could shed even a little light on this subject would be helping me out immensely. My web-server is configured as follows:

    Apache Version 1.3.33 (Unix)
    Perl Version 5.8.1
    PHP Version 4.3.11
    MySQL Version 4.0.20-standard

    Running on linux (2.4.29-grsec). Basically guys, I have virtually the same services setup on my XP box at home, hoping to be able to design the whole thing before it’s uploaded, then of course create necessary database & permissions on the web-server, upload to my multi-host, and praying I can get things to work. If my logic is flawed I welcome any suggestions, again my multi-hosted domains are setup to read THANKS

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    That is confusing.
    Can you explain clearer ?

    Is it:

    or something very different ?

    Well, as per the instructions for uploading WordPress, the actual path would likely be “”. The “newdomain” is my multi-hosted domain. Perhaps I should elaborate on what I’m doing here. I’m going to register a new domain name, then have a pointer setup so this “newdomain” would look like “” to the outside world, however it would be hosted under “”. I already have this done to my own personal site, “”, which anyone could also navigate to via “”. I also would not setup the multi-host myself (i.e. I would need to call up my webhost and ask them to add this newdomain to my main domain, “”..). Hope I’m making sense here.

    Maybe this will also help. My cpanel on is where phpmyadmin is located, listings of my SQL databases, *subdomains (i.e. and such. Just so it’s understood, yes I am a total n00b at what I’m trying to do here. But I do understand the basics of how this works, I have WordPress setup and running fine on my box at home, but that’s a little different. If I create databases on the cpanel at, I’m wondering how to tie that into a WordPress install on a subdomain such as

    i apologize for my confusing rant. perhaps im just looking at things wrong here. if mysql/phpmyadmin and all of that goodness is installed on my web-server, perhaps the install will be as straightforward as it was on my home box. i suppose it’s just the fact that im using a cpanel on that’s throwing me the loop. my current mindset is, as long as i create the database, create a user/pass, and configure WordPress accordingly it should work fine. For some reason, because I’m working with mysql on that cpanel I’m thinking “ok, so will my wordpress install on the subdomain be able to work with the db i create?”

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