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  • My blog ( needs to be transferred to a new host (, where I have a website established, and also upgraded. I have not been able to do this successfully, but I think I have uploaded everything to the new site from my back-up. I think the problem is in setting the data base to recognize the new host, but I also am not clear how to upgrade in the process of transferring from a backup. If someone is willing to do this for me, I am willing to pay for the help.
    Dan Varisco

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  • What you’re *supposed* to do is back up your files (which you have obviously done), and upload and install WordPress on the new server. Then you have to go to the old server and change the WordPress and Blog URL’s (in your “options” page) to point to your new server.

    Then go in and back up your database files again (you’ll have to do it through phpMyAdmin – not the WP-backup plugin). Import the changed backup files to the new server. Then you’ll be directed to “upgrade your database” – which you will do. Done.

    If you don’t have access to the old server already, you can open up your backup in Notepad and do a find & replace for your old domain name & replace it with the new. Save (as a new file – you want to keep the old one, just in case!) and upload the backup.

    For the record, I just did 17 of these 2 weeks ago. I feel your pain.

    Thanks for your advice. My son is home from college on break and trying to help me, but the problem is I did not know how to save my database separate from a backup of all my files. (He did this for me on his computer at school, but he may have deleted it by now). I only have the back-up of all the old files, which I backed up directly fromt he old host. He thinks there should be a way to create a new database from the back-up files but is not sure. Is there a way that is not very very difficult? My old server went out of business in January.
    I appreciate your advice and empathy.


    I only have the back-up of all the old files, which I backed up directly fromt he old host. He thinks there should be a way to create a new database from the back-up files but is not sure.

    No, you can’t create a database form the old files. But you *can* open up the database files in Notepad, and do the find and replace thing. Just “find” the old URL for your wordpress installation, and “replace” it with the new. Then import the edited files using phpMyAdmin and importing into the database on the new server.

    Then, depending on if you also upgraded, it’ll either jut have everything there, or it’ll tell you “your database is out of date – please upgrade”. Then it’ll be taken care of.

    doodlebee) Hi, I’m the son trying to fix this. He copied all the wordpress files and then uploaded them onto the new site. It’s the same url, just on a different host, so I’m not sure what he needs to copy/paste. He does not have an actual backup file from phpmyadmin, just the files from the wordpress folder. What does he need to do for it to work?

    Oh, you *need* your database backed up. That’s where everything is – all posts, comments – all the sites’ content is in the database. He needs to go back that up.

    The filesystem backup is good to have – you save your plugins and your themes that way. But no content is saved in there – so if he just uses the filesystem, then he’s not going to transfer any of his content.

    There’s a couple of ways he can do this. If he still has access to the site on the old host, then he needs to log into his old WordPress area and use “WP Backup” plugin (if it’s not activated, then activate it) to obtain a backup of his database. If he wants to be doubly-sure he’s got it (and nothing was corrupted in the transfer) then also log into phpMyAdmin on his old host and backup the database that way, as well.

    Then log into phpMyAdmin on the new host and import the database.

    Detailed instructions are here. Details on backing up the database are here.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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