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    I wrote an appeal for help in the general support forum but to no avail. I got some advice like a link to the page about child themes but that’s alas not very helpful.

    The problem (here is a link to what I wrote in the general support forum

    The problem – an (unwanted) list of links to pages, some of them “hidden” or technical or things which I haven’t deleted yet, more or less everything, appears in the footer on the bottom of each page.
    1) I have a Polylang translation plugin installed and this affects only English pages (the Russian part of the website is free of the disease).
    2) It only affects the child theme (if you switch to the actual theme, which is Twenty Twenty, it’s the basic free wordpress theme, the problem disappears. It also disappears in all other themes I tried, Astra, Twenty-Twenty-One)
    3) Child theme can be changed – installed from scratch, generated, downloaded, that is no matter how the child theme is made and what’s in it, the problem stays.
    4) This “nuisance” appeared suddenly.
    5) Uninstalling all plugins and clearing cache do not have any effect on this.
    6) Removing custom “additional CSS” code (adjustments to font size, etc) do not have any effect whatsoever.

    Help. I am not a coder and am not a WordPress expert (or expert at anything). I am at my wits end. Is it possible that there is some simple CSS code out there that I could just insert into the “additional CSS” area and suppress it somehow?

    Thank you


    The page I need help with: [log in to see the link]

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    hello to delete the urls in the footer :

    Watch :

    1911 Britannica, biography of William Wycherley, a biography
    A A Milne Biography
    A Mother-of-Pearl Sunset
    A. A. Milne, a biography from Encyclopedia Britannica
    A. A. Milne, Author of Winnie the Pooh
    Aaron Baker, an Introduction
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    Thank you. It did not help directly, but it gave me an idea that, in turn, has led to finding a solution. So in a way you’ve sold the problem, which, the problem that is, may be a bug either of the Twenty-Twenty theme or of the way WordPress is set up.

    The problem is not related to widgets. So if you or anyone of you suddenly see(s) links to all your pages appear at the bottom of the screen, chances are this has nothing to do with the widgets but with your menus instead.

    The menu selector (Appearance ▸ Customizing ▸ Menus) has three positions for each location where a menu can be displayed, these are “Select” or the “Name of the Menu” you have, or the third one is just blank or “in between”. At least my theme has it that way. I’ve got four menu locations, these are the desktop menu, mobile menu, footer menu, and social menu (I have no idea what the social menu is, but that’s irrelevant). If you look at the footer area, it can be set to the Select (then nothing is displayed, and that’s what I want) or it can be set to “your menu” (the name of your menu or whatever you’ve made up, then it will show your menu items) or, it can be set to neither. Just a blank space, like it was in my case (for the Footer Menu English). So if somehow it gets set to neither, something that must have had happened inadvertently when I fooled around with different themes, switching back and forth, and then reverted to Twenty-Twenty because I don’t want to waste time on rearranging items on my blog – so when it’s set to nothing, then the footer area will display links to all the pages you have. To everything. The solution was to set it to “Select” (that’s what I did) and then it will clear all the unwanted items from the footer or choose some menu that you’ve made up and then it will show your menu items. Thank you. That was it.



    Hi there

    Please see this post. There is an unwanted section which seems to have appeared on it’s own and I can’t remove it.

    The unwanted section appears under Norfolk in WW1.

    I have tried remving all code but none seems to be there, any help appreciated.

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