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    Try deleting those plugins from the plugins folder – using FTP or whatever file manager BH uses.

    BTW, your topic line was decapped – all caps is considered yelling and is against the forum guidelines.

    First, I apologize for the capped letters – didn’t realize…

    I have done everything I know how to resolve the white login screen (which in IE shows as an http 500 server error) to no avail. I referred to my support documentation, YouTube videos, etc.

    I first renamed the 2 new plugins and that didn’t seem to help, so I totally removed the plugins that I purchased and attempted to install last night because I believe they did not download correctly. Everything is as it originally was in my host server files, in my local files and FTP prior to this incident — to the best of my knowledge.

    I cleared history, cache, you name it. Tried just manually typing my web name in the Google Chrome browser – Tried it with wp-login.php — still no luck. Just a blank, white screen with no error codes…

    Can anyone suggest some alternate steps to take. I desperately need to get into my WP dashboard.

    As an aside, I created a bookmark for my WP login page which I’ve not experienced any problems prior to this — the WP logon/logo always pop up. Here is what comes up today:

    Any thoughts? Thanks so much for your help! I’m learning but have got a wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyys to go… -:)

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    Geez, I didn’t realize my text was going to be linked. That said, click on it and you’ll see what is shown….



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    Try renaming your plugins folder to plugins.HOLD and also renaming your active theme’s folder –

        your active theme.HOLD

    If neither of those work, ask your hosting company how to look at the error logs on the server.



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    I only see a white page at that link.

    Thanks. And you are correct, there’s only a white, blank page.

    I will rename plugins and active theme file.

    Should this be a temporary solution or is it OK to leave them renamed as you’ve indicated.

    Actually, part of what I cut and paste came from BH’s server error logs last night (I logged in and read these in my CP error log), and I chatted online with a BH tech today and he could not offer any suggestions other than renaming the 2 plugin files, which I ultimately deleted. The error log is quite lengthy, so I just included a couple of messages as there were many repetitions of the same two I copied/pasted last night.

    Let you know how it goes and thanks so much for your help. 🙂

    I renamed my plugin file with no problem.

    I’m using the Avada theme, which contains many files (including the child theme, of course), I don’t see anything labeled “theme” or “active theme” in my theme files…

    I’ll try with the plugin name change first.

    I relabeled my Avada theme (main theme; not the child theme) to Avada.HOLD. I’m hoping this is correct. Thanks.

    Hello Einstein 3.

    First try just renaming the “plugins” folder to “plugins1”, this will deactivate all the plugins of the site. If you can access after this is done just activate each plugin 1 by 1 to know which plugin is making the site not to function properly. Rename the folder to “plugins” once you’ve isolated the faulty plugin.

    If this doesn’t work try renaming the “themes” folder to force wordpress to make run the predetermined theme twenty twelve.
    If this also doesn’t work, look at your “functions.php” file and make sure there aren’t any spaces at the beginning or at the end of the file.

    What made it work for me was that due to the recent hacker attacks to wordpress sites the “wp-login.php” file erased all the permissions it had, so through FTP I gave the permissions it needed to run correctly. Here is a link to my solved problem:

    Hope you solve your problems soon¡

    Hi Kibrael. Thanks for your suggestions. I’ll try it with just renaming the plugin files first, since I’m 99% sure it was one of the 2 (and now completely deleted) new plugins I purchased and tried to upload last night. Not much earlier before I bought these plugins, the site was working just fine.

    I’ll read and bookmark the link as I understand there are any # of things that can go awry with these plugins, etc…

    Thanks again and let’s hope renaming the plugin file does the trick! 🙂



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    @einstein3 – you need to rename all of your Avada themes so that WP will use a default theme.



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    If the above does not work, try re-uploading all files & folders – except the wp-content folder and the wp-config.php & root .htaccess files – from a fresh download of WordPress. Make sure that you delete the old copies of files & folder before uploading the new ones.

    Why do I need to have to default to 2012 or 2013? I don’t understand. As I proceed further into this, it’s getting more confusing.

    So, my main Avada I need to rename and the Avada “child theme”?

    I have a file in my directory specifically for this WP website (, and in that folder is the main AVADA theme, the child theme and more. I have renamed the main AVADA and CHILD Themes, as well as renaming the plug-in folder.

    Is my understanding of what you are instructing correct? I’d like to make sure before I upload again.

    If I have to delete and then reinstall WP 3.6.1, am I going to lose all of the work that I have spent hundreds of hours working on over the past weeks?

    The site is backed up via BH and I backed it up to an external drive last week.

    Thanks. I’ve learned a lot about WP and want to keep using it to build multiple e-commerce sites. As you can imagine, I’m about to pull my hair out.



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    Temporarily switching to a default theme is standard troubleshooting – to rule out theme issues. If your Avada child theme is (was) the active theme, yes, you need to rename it.

    So you should have:

           twenty-something themes

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