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  • I got big trouble right now, wonder anyone could help 🙁

    What happened is that:

    I have a trial site and a original site.
    I follow the
    successfully move (actually copy and paste) the trial into a original site and replace it (the trial site is not erased after the moving finished).
    However, when even after I restored the file on the server into stage before the process of moving, I can not access my trial site (which is in a sub domain such as any more!!! what happen now is that anytime I input the trial site address it just jump back to the original old site

    HELP PLZ~!~~~

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  • Not 100% sure here. When you moved your “test” site to your live server, did you update your “home” and “siteurl” options in your options table in your database? Or did you set up the live site as a fresh install?

    On your test site, you should have access to the DB right? Hopefully you have something like phpmyadmin installed. Go to the Database for the site, look in the options table (wp_options) and you want to check to options and see what their values are. You will be looking for option_id #1 and #37 (should be). They should be the option_name “siteurl” and “home” respectively. if the option_value fields are equal to your “live” site address, you will need to change these to your test site address.

    If these values are your test site address, report back here and someone else may have information to help. Or I may be able to think about it some more.

    actually, there is another thing you can try. that might be easier, or if you do not have DB access. Hang on. I’ll post how to in a second.

    Ok, see this page:

    This explains how to set these values “hard-coded” in your wp-config file.

    This will TEMPORARILY fix the problem (I think). Basically, edit your wp-config file (see the link) and you will add the values according to the link. then save your edits to the wp-config file, and try to load your site. This is only temporary. You should fix the values through the admin and then remove your edits from the wp-config file.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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