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    I was playing around like an idiot with my theme files using my FTP and broke something. I’m using a Suffusion child-theme. I backed up the child theme on my hard-drive before playing around but only had the original suffusion theme there, so my guess as to what happened is that after the initial problem occurred and I tried sending in the hard-drive side files through FTP to reset my theme files, I created an incompatibility between the parent and child themes. I can’t get to anything: not my site, and not my dashboard. I just get a “Chrome could not connect to…” page. I downloaded the backupwordpress plug-in a while back, but all I see is a .htaccess file; the actual zip backups aren’t there. I’m willing to just revert back to “factory settings” or whatever the equivalent nomenclature would be here, as most of the work I’ve been doing has been more about learning the program and seeing what I can do than actual design. Although, if I can find some way to force the site into a new theme from outside the dashboard that would be preferable. I just need to get to my dashboard somehow. Thoughts?

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  • If you are willing to lose any customizations, simply delete the theme folder from wp-content/themes.

    Hey, thank you for the response. I tried that but it wouldn’t revert to the default theme. I’m not sure what the hell I did. I ended up starting from scratch. It was a nightmare but now oddly enough everything is running much smoother. Oh well. Thanks again.

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