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  • Hi Jose,

    Thank you for all the hard work you’ve put into WangGuard. It’s a great plugin, and I do hope you’re able to continue supporting it. It’s saved our clients countless hours of work and continues to serve as a great barrier to unwanted spam and registrations.

    To everyone else… please help to support this plugin if you’ve found it useful by making a small donation to the IndieGoGo campaign. It takes so much time and dedication for a development team to continue to support a mass market plugin, and it would be such a shame if this stopped being supported.

    Best wishes,
    Tim @ Scholary

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  • This seems well-intended and is yet very confusing. If the income was a problem did anything stop the developer from setting up a different pricing structure? Was it the competition? If so, how are donations going to change anything?

    I just don’t get it.

    I understand if you supply something that is basically freemium and the premium version doesn’t take off for some reason. In this case it would seem it’s the amount of requests that maybe were priced too generously? Or the competition was better or the need wasn’t as ongoing as thought? But if a model doesn’t work you need to change it and communicate the need of the changes to your users. Right?

    I don’t see how users with needs greater than the license has set could circumvent the given pricing structure. All of which (the tool and the presented pricing structure) attracted me in the first place as it seemed reasonable.

    To claim your product isn’t appreciated enough, with 10.000+ installations according to and 4.6 out of 5 stars in ratings, seems just odd to me.

    Maybe, what’s really needed is a community communication how much wangguard is actually appreciated? Personally, my trust has eroded in just a few hours. I rather pay more for something else.

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    I am (was) using WangGuard at my e-commerce site and I think it is a great plugin. I am not sure that donation is how it works these days: I would be happy to pay reasonable amount if there is a proper pricing plan, and I believe many others would do so. Then we pay for a good quality product which does not really have an alternative at WordPress. I am afraid that asking us to pay for something what does not work a possibly will with a questionmark will not work.

    OK, I see the developer responding, wangguard on again. That makes a big difference. I will contribute to the #SaveWangGuard campain in the amount I would be expecting to pay for the licence fee. I believe all the other users should do the same.

    While my site is non commercial I defintly want to support Jose.
    For me the best solution would be to set up an Licence system with annual fees like CDN’s, WPML, GD-Press aso do. (And I hope that there be an affordable one for non com. sites like mine)
    I’m in doubt that donations will solve the financing of the servers on a long time base or it will it take away frustration from Jose.

    Best regards

    Wait a minute… Wangguard is donation-ware? I think I missed this detail. I’m not sure how. I just saw the levels of traffic you need to reach to have to pay a fee and thought that was the business model. Maybe the donation bit should have been bolded.

    I haven’t seen the value of Wanguard so far as i just installed it, but it seems unique.

    I still don’t get why a developer would stop service before even attempting to change communication or installing a new scheme. I distrust anyone doing business this way, however frustrated they may be.

    Having basic functionality in a freemium version and server checks at a fee would maybe be a more viable model. But maybe sharing info is central to the workings of Wangguard?

    If there are 10 000 users of Wangguard that feel like signing up for server checks and pays $3 a month, that’s $9000 a month. Best paid annually I guess.

    I think a problem with this product space is that it’s hard to see the real value of something that is removed. Maybe built-in statistics could be a help here communicating this value?

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    Actually that should read: “If there are 10 000 users of Wangguard and 3000 that feel like signing up for server checks and each pays $3 a month, that’s $9000 a month. Best paid annually I guess.

    It took me a Google to find it but the URL for the IndieGogo is

    @jose please make it easier to find this, you will get a better response, and I suggest you put it in as a message in the WP admin as well to raise awareness.

    It’s all very touching to see being up again and that satisfied people show their gratitude, but may I suggest that some of you help José market the Wangguard plug-in as well as the indiegogo campaign? I do not think the slogan “Make a donation no matter how small it is. In other case, I will be forced to close down WangGuard” is a winning strategy even if this may be true.

    No matter if you’re a current user or a new one what you want is to know if the service is reliable and you need to know what good it does if you use it as well. Only José can guarantee that of course, but by lifting up the central attraction points that make people realize why they need Wangguard people might want to back this.

    27 backers? I think there could be a lot more than that.

    Thanks for the link!

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    OK, so installed Wangguard again after José’s message that he’s starting up the service anew and you simply still can’t connect.

    WangGuard server Network Status


    So the message on isn’t real then? Have anyone actually talked with Jose Conti Calveras?

    Why is it so unclear how much is needed for the servers to be running now? I thought it was clear until October 20 anyway. But the servers are down. How can Jose Conti Calveras ask for monetary support that can be retained even if the backing objectives aren’t met when there is no service? Will they be up when there is $2900 in there? If not, how will it work?

    With all this uncertainty I can’t recommend clients that they support this project. That’s very sad really. If only things were made a little bit more clear that would be a great help.

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    Wanguard server is running for me

    However, 29 backers – thats… well…



    Great. It works at my server now as well!

    With so little promotion, and possibly the uncertainty around Wangguard too, 29 backers are acceptable for the time being. I maintain that those of you that feel you want to really support Wangguard should help a bit with promotion and maybe some advice as well.

    For whatever reason it seems to me that this situation wouldn’t have emerged had the developer been more informative about how to pay what.

    I have previously suggested to my clients to back this project when and if it becomes operative again. Even if servers are up now I think many would like to hear about how the future plans looks, at least if they’re going to contribute any larger sums. Silence isn’t very convincing. Honest communication is.

    Here’s for hope!

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    @jconti, can you add a status update on this Plugin to the IndieGoGo campaign or here?

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