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  • Hi!

    I need help!
    First… The new version is simple just great! THX!
    I had the plugin since 2008 but never actually used it… But now I really need it…

    Heres the case:
    I had a blog in a dir /rapport/ since 2008
    I had some other stuff and files on that domain that I now scarpped

    So I want the BLOG to be the “Main” thing…
    So I edited the WP setting to simply show the blog when visitors came to the domain!

    But after a while I saw that most external links “backlinks” pointed to /rapport/ and my 404 page was busy 😉


    But beeing a noob at .htaccess and unix etc.
    I came to card
    Creating a rule that all traffic to /rapport/ redirect to / (root)

    GREAT!! — It worked – I was proud as a King!
    But my admin section is /rapport/wp-admin
    Bye bye admin!! 🙁 <<< Not nice

    I deleted the plugin to get access so no probs!
    Is there a freindly soul out there that can tell me how to:

    1: Do a redirect that catches all the traffic to /rapport/* and redirect them to / (root)

    2: Still leave the /rapport/w-admin avail for me 🙂

    In advance… THX

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