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  • Hey!

    Just converted from Joomla to WordPress. One thing I still haven’t thought out is this; I normally write my articles in norwegian, but I also want a section for my englsh friends. How can I make categories with different content (articles) without having it all getting mixed up on the front page?

    The first solution I tried, was making a page called “English”, but found out I couldnt add news to a page. Is this right? Can this be done with a plugin of some sort?

    Also tried making a category “English” which of course works, but then the english articles shows among the Norwegian articles on the frontpage, and I don’t want that! Tried looking for a “do not show on first page” option when writing an article, but didn’t seem like that is possible in WordPress. Or is it?

    Can someone please help me with some good solutions?


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  • The second option would be OK.
    Click on Extend on the top of this page and search for category excluder.

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