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  • Hi im am really struggling! i am trying to change all my thumbnails for my site and not matter how much i try i can not do it! but some how one has changed as you can see if your go on my home page your see a x-men tittle with the right thumbnail. but the rest wont budge and i dont know why that one changed can someone please help me! be warned im not the best in the word at this stuff so talk in retart terms i would be so great full!!!!

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  • After you changed the thumbnail dimensions in settings, did you regenerate your thumbnails.

    i dont have that plug in but i will get it now and let you know thank you

    so yea that reset the x-men thumbnail but i want to chnge them and no mater what i do i cant make it the whole image

    Did you change your thumbnail settings in Dashboard / Settings / Media (not relevant for WooCommerce shop images) or in Dashboard / WooCommerce / Settings / Products tab / Product images sizes (for WooCommerce images) Product thumbnails? Then regen thumbnails.

    no i havent touched them there still at

    Thumbnail 150×150
    Medium 300×300
    Large 1024×1024

    Your first post said you were trying to change all your thumbnails for your site, so you need to put in the new size at Dashboard / WooCommerce / Settings / Products tab / Product images sizes / Product thumbnails, then regen the thumbnails. Maybe I have not understood what you would like to do.

    yes im trying to change the thumbnail so you can see the whole image…. so what i have been doing is this but it doesnt work for me but i wil try the way you have said

    Dude i could kiss you its worked ! thank you so much for your help !!!!

    anything that keeps happening is on my store page at the top of the window tab its sez
    %date%|We Sell Comics, when it should say Store|We Sell Comics any ideas?

    Unfortunately your new thumbnails are based on really big images which is slowing down your page load time. Suggest you make your thumbnails about the same size as they display, ie about 235 x 347, then regen them. They should still look better than the 150 x 150 earlier.

    Re the error, suggest the first step is to update your theme from 1.2.16 to the latest, 1.3.2.

    No luck for me either. I use the TwentyThirteen theme for an older client who has a very basic e-comm site.

    No matter what I try, including editing the CSS, the product images refuse to change size. I’ve reset the settings, regenerated the thumbs, etc. NOTHING changes those sizes. I can get what I want by using Inspect Element in Chrome and changing one entry from 22.05% to 48% (for li.products{width:xx%}) but that doesn’t stick and changing it in the file it appears in also never takes. Odd.

    I’m at my wits end.

    “It doesn’t stick” is a sign that you have not used a fully qualified selector, therefore the selector in the .css takes precedence. For example,
    .woocoomerce-page ul.products li.product img {…}
    takes precedence over
    ul.products li.product img {…}
    If you’e still stuck, the !important directive can swing it.
    .woocoomerce-page ul.products li.product img {width:48% !important}

Viewing 12 replies - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)
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