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    I just started working on a site only to find out it’s a multisite. This is my first and I want to know more about what I am getting into. I have read some tutorials but can’t find out how the “Super Admin” logs on. Can someone help me with this is it the same as everyone else? the I am an admin and don’t see the “Super Admin” in the list of users.

    I am guessing they don’t remember who the super admin is. The site was setup many years ago and has clearly not been updated in forever. I’m a little surprised it’s still kind of working. How might I go about getting the site back in the hands of the company if they don’t have “Super Admin” access?

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  • Also I currently only have access to the subdomain. I am logged into the blog subdomain. The super admin would have to log into the main domain right? It’s not a WordPress site just the blog is WordPress.

    Hello @jenniferledger

    The super admin would have to log into the main domain right?

    All WordPress website has a link where administrative users can login to access their dashboard.

    Are you able to see the roles of all users from your WordPress Admin Dashboard when you’re logged in?

    If you’re unable to locate the super admin you can create a new super admin if you have access to the webhost cpanel that has the WordPress installation files. This is how to add a super admin from the “wp_sitemeta” database table.


    Have you tried logging via mail on which you’ve registered your website?

    @obt28 Yes, I can login and see the WordPress dashboard. I can even access users, as I am an admin. I do not see a super admin on the list though. As the admin it is only giving me the option to add an existing user.

    I am hoping to find out today if they know their host login. So that cpanel link might come in handy. Thank you so much.

    @ellissharp I am not the one who registered the site it was registered many years ago. They don’t know who registered it. I am hoping they know their host login so I can access things from the back end.

    @obt28 wait. If I go to the top right “My Sites”, Blog, Dashboard… I cannot gain access to that dashboard.

    We got the previous Super Admin tracked down. I think going through the cPanel would have been the next best fix though. Thank you all!



    Great @jenniferledger glad you were able to resolve the issue.

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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