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    before you read, just a quick summary to what is stated below, i basically need a plugin/software that can either 1. create theme/layout/template visually that i can use as my main theme or 2. edit an existing themes and edit its template/layout visually

    hi im new to wordpress, and im not really good in coding or what so ever
    anyway going back, i need some help in editing the theme, layout, template or what so ever how you call it, i already bought some visual editor plugin such as pagelines framework, eleganth builder, minimax etc.
    this plugins are cool, i mean you really can create complex layout , problem is that , it only works on a certain post or page, and what i want is to create, theme/layout/template for the main theme (or child theme i guess, i really dont know the difference), i already tried creating a page with the layout/template that lets just say i want, and make it as a static page, but it didn’t do anything good im still seeing the main theme its self and its layout, and what troubles me the most is that i/we cant resize the widget with a certain unless you code it manually.
    im not sure if i explained it clearly but just incase i did some random image regarding my problem

    1. lets just say i installed a certain themes and it has this following template/layout

    2. now using visual editor such as pagelines framework, eleganth builder etc.
    * as you can see it only created a layout/template for a certain post but not the whole theme itself, same thing happens when creating pages

    3. example of what i need, a visual editor that can create/ edit any theme, or existing layout/template in the existing theme from the header to footer.

    i hope you guys can help me
    *peace mah brothers*

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Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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