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  • This morning my blog is unreachable….at least, the important part!

    I can access admin okay, but absolutely no access to the blog itself…browser just sits forever trying to read the site. Pings okay, other WP installs okay. Nothing has been modified (and was viewable last night); server mysql is running fine with no errors, server error log shows nothing related to this issue. I’ve run repair on the db as well.

    Also recreated the permalinks (which haven’t changed), rechecked config file.

    I’ve even tried viewing single posts from within admin panel and still nothing.

    What could this be????

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  • Could it be a problem wiht your domain name and/or your host?

    Make sure there’s not something weird in the template.

    I’d recommend turning off plugins until it comes back.

    Note also that the last things to come out are two javascript files for comment quicktags. Could be related, could not be related.

    Thanks, no problem with domain/host/templates. And as stated, was running find for a long time without these issues.

    Looking at the error.log in /mt-admin, the culprit was the plugin “post count.” Deactivating did not resolve the problem, however, until I re-activated it. This is not a new plugin and is the latest version, so why it suddenly borked is a mystery. (The plugin runs on every page in the sidebar.)

    What’s a pisser is WHY this happened when nothing was touched. Makes me really nervous that the WP install/plugins are this touchy to break out of the blue without any other modifications. If I’m tweaking things and it borks, I understand. But to work/not work without reason…weird.

    But, at least, it’s back up…for now! 😐

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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