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    Version 3.0 switched automatically to maintenance mode while attempting (unsuccessfully) to update a plugin. Now I cannot switch off the maintenance mode. Any ideas of how to turn this feature off? It is not good to have something automatically enable and then not allow what was enabled to be disabled.

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  • Please help. I cannot log in to my own dashboard now that 3.0 maintenance mode has automatically enabled itself. This is a dangerous feature that should be debugged before letting people use it.

    How do I get back in to turn off this unwanted automatic maintenance feature???

    WordPress 3.0 automatic maintenance mode creates a file named “.maintenance” (dot maintenance) and if you rename that file, it causes WordPress 3.0 to revert back to normal mode. From this experience, I would conclude that automatic maintenance mode is a good idea in theory, but in practice it fails to measure up.

    Having the same problem here. The maintenance mode sucks and should be removed. It only gave me problems since upgrading to 3.0 and since I manage over 35 WordPress sites, I don’t want this to happen all the time!!

    and of course yet another dead end. any of you guys find the solution?

    delete the .maintanence file where wordpress is installed with your ftp client or host’s file manager

    Thanks for the help Samuel B but i found that info while i was frantically doing google searches but it didn’t work in my case!

    Seems the new theme install wasn’t a successful one.. i read on some forum that when wordpress has a fail install of some sort, it goes into maintenance mode until its fixed.. in my case it was the new theme so i reinstalled the theme and walla!

    Thanks for the response bro

    This worked for me… saved me from a heart attack, thanks guys!

    Maintenance mode is a pain, but a recognized way to announce maintenance on a site. However it is in serious need of a few things:

    1. It should only disable the main pages, not the pages that allow you to ‘Maintain’ the product, Dashboard etc.
    2. Show a maintenance page that follows your theme.
    3. The dashboard and it’s pages should probably be served through an alternative port like 8080.

    These things may be considered too complex for the likes of the user, but believe me the things we have to go through to make our systems work with WordPress, turns us into experts in our own fields pretty quickly.


Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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