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  • I’ve got two categories on my blog: “news” and “health”. And I want to display only certain posts of each category on the Index. (Those posts checked as “front”).

    Is there a plugin to do this, or a hack? I want it to be as user friendly as possible (just a checkmark “on front page” when writing a post), since it should be used by dummies.

    Thanks in advance!

    // more info:

    ‘Til now I’m working it by having 3 categories: “health”, “news”, and “front”, but the Next and Previous link templates get messy. I’ve tried many setups, believe me. So, i figured out the easiest way would be a plugin or hack as described above.

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  • I need it to be done on a per-post basis, not by hiding/showing categories.

    Excuse me for bringing this up again, but I really need help on this, since it is for a client.

    Well, since your client probably isn’t paying us (the unpaid volunteers here) that last plea probably won’t get much traction here…

    That being said, why not add a “Front Page” category and then use the Category Visibility plugin to only show posts in that category on the front page? (posts can be in multiple categories).

    Or look into using Using_Custom_Fields as another option.

    I used already a solution like that, by hacking The Loop to show only posts from the “Front” category. But since there are posts from the other two categories sharing this “front” one, it all gets messy when it comes to navigation.

    From the “health-front” post, it jumps to the “news-front” post, instead to the “health” as it should be. And if I use the “exclude from category” value in the prev/next_post_link tag, it would just skip all of the posts in the “front” category, hiding them from the navigation.

    That’s why I need it to be done the other way.

    Ah, BTW, sorry about the Client thing… It’s embarrasing…

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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