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  • I could really use some help with my site. I am a newbie to coding, and I converted the three column Kubrick to a style with a sidebar on the left and right (it had both sidebars on right). It looks fine in Firefox, but sooo bad in Explorer. Can anyone help me? I’ve worked for many hours on this as best I can to get the them right, and I’d hate to give it up now because IE is such a piece of crap. Any help would make me very happy. Thanks so much!

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  • Oops! My site is THANKS!

    That’s screwed up even in FF. If you really have difficulties with converting the theme into a stable 3 column layout (and seemingly you have) why don’t you pick a working 3 column?

    It could have something to do with the 237 html validation errors and 16 parse errors in the css. Actually, it isn’t as bad as it looks, since most of the validation errors have to do with a mixup of code, probably html 4.01 you added to an existing xhtml 1.0 document, so running the source code through htmltidy here with the xhtml box checked should show you what you have to fix where:

    You really HAVE TO FIX THESE before you take another step with this, or troubleshooting is gonna just shoot you in the foot.

    You might also find these sites helpful:

    Lastly, I’ve constructed a three column theme which you can download here. Feel free to take mine and alter it to fit what you want to do. It’s Kickass-Squawk! on the ThemeSwitcher if you want to preview it. Code validates and it works in all late-model browsers, INCLUDING IE6 (and IE5mac!)

    Good luck!

    Thanks Kickass, I’ll look into those. I looked at your theme, and it’s looks great, but I really wanted my site to look a certain way. But many thanks for the ideas to fix my current problem.

    “I really wanted my site to look a certain way”
    The point is that you need a stable base to work from. It’s a better idea to start from a 3 column theme and start styling the look of it to what you want.

    As a side note, I like the monkeys:-)

    Well, I started from the existing 3 column port of Kubrick from here, so that’s kinda what I was doing. But I guess I hosed it too much when I made the one column switch to the far left side. Oh well. Live and learn, eh? 🙂
    For a guy who didn’t even know what html, php, or css were 1 year ago, I’m still going to feel proud for getting it to look the way I did in FF and Opera (which I think is good).

    Oh, and I like the monkeys too! I commissioned the work from the excellent Brandon Reese.

    All said and done, good learning experience, and I’ll going to take Kickass’ advice and change his to fit my needs.
    Thanks all.

    Why does everyone assume I’m a guy??? There are geek GIRLS ya know . . .

    Enjoy, monkeypup. And if you want to poke around and learn more about css (a HUGE learning curve) I suggest you start here:

    Oh, just to make you feel better, the theme you started with is totally borked to begin with, so you aren’t the one (or at least not the only one) who screwed it up. In future you might want to run a theme you wanna use through the validator before you do all the work.

    validators here:

    Good luck!

    “There are geek GIRLS ya know”
    But I thought that was only an urban legend… I’m only kidding, some of the smartest techies that I know are girls:-) Anyways, good advice there, but I wouldn’t worry too much about the css validator. Unlike the extremely useful markup validator, I find jigsaw to be more of a pedantic criticiser than a constructive development tool.

    If you find yourself hitting one of the many IE bugs, don’t forget to take a look at positioneverything.

    I don’t remember calling you a dude…but if so, I’m sorry.
    And I call everyone guy. Like when my wife and my sister are out, I say “Have fun guys!”
    Anyway, I never assume about sex on the web. My wife’s a geek like me, after all…

    There are definitely more than one of us around here…. moi, I am female as well….

    “Why does everyone assume I’m a guy??? There are geek GIRLS ya know . . “

    Ha! I love this! Not only are there “girl geeks”, there’s some “kickass” girl geeks too!


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