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  1. techinformants
    Posted 6 years ago #

    Hey guys....I need your help!

    Yesterday I and others who visited my site noticed it sometimes redirected to a site with a popup. It was one of those "Your computer is at risk!" with the "virus scan" and a picture of My Computer, etc. Its pretty typical. I have tried everything I could . I thought it was in my footer because there was a very long eval (Base64 code. I decoded it and that wasnt it (that I know of). I cant seem to locate the problem! I thought i had solved it but I just got the popup/virus again. I dont know where to look/how to look for it. Any help would be appreciated. I love my theme and dont really want to change!

    My website is http://www.techinformants.com

    Thanks! I hope somebody can help me

  2. techinformants
    Posted 6 years ago #

    Ive read those. Nothing has helped because I cant locate the virus....

  3. Well then you'll have to Consider deleting everything.

    Seriously, read those links, and if you CAN'T find the virus, which isn't a rare occurrence, the buggers hid 'em well, scrub it all. There are suggestions and directions in those links.

    It's either in a file or in the DB, so I would first dump the files (MUCH easier to come back from than a DB re-do) and re-upload them. Check your permissions and change your passwords. If that doesn't help, you get to troll your DB, but most likely it's the files.

    Oh and make sure you upload from a reliable source (wordpress.com for both your install and your theme would be smartest).

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