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  • Hi All,

    I’m trying to create the following structure using WordPress, but I’m having a really hard time completing it:

    – :: shows all posts about cars
    – :: shows all posts about red cars
    – :: shows all posts about boats
    – :: shows all posts about red boats

    My main goals are:

    – Pretty permalinks – I want the above url structure to stay, as it makes sense and is aesthetically pleasing.
    – Be able to have a custom template page for each level, so for example : one template page for cars, and one for cars/red.
    – I can’t reverse it (i.e. red/cars).

    That’s pretty much it.

    I’ve tried doing this with CPT’s and taxonomies, but I can’t get the permalink structure I want – the taxonomies end up being: rather than:

    I’ve been going in circles with this all week – so any help would be appreciated!!!


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  • Anyone??

    Use a custom menu (the default is Pages), add your categories and important pages to it. Read about this here on the codex.

    I understand the menu bit – the bit I’m stuck on is the actual core structure for the site, and how I’d recreate this with categories, CPTs, Taxes etc etc!

    Each post gets a category or tag, they are sorted by site visitors using the menu items this way. These also show up in a properly set up SEO for site.

    Also, you can have child categories…this Family Website uses them (see ‘Tree’ category widget at middle footer top)


    Blimey, that tree structure you linked to is quite something!

    So on from this – how can i make the child categories have the same slug, with different parents?

    Parent – Cars :: Child – red
    Parent – Trucks :: Child – red

    Meaning – multiple child categories called ‘red’, under different parents?

    This is done best with a flat category structure and a custom menu, look at how the cat items works also – the TITLE can be anything you want, the slug also, so use a method at hand to create uniqueness.

    Also: The use of both tags and categories in a custom menu is powerful.

    if post = cat and tag = tag? example

    I see – think I’ll need to have a play later and see if I can work this out 🙂


Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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