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  • Jaffasoft


    Is there anyone kind enough to help with setting up a wordpress site. Not sure if i can post that in here.

    If anyone in here loves coding and would like to help with setting up my site in your spare time that would great. I want to embed youtube clips so blog comments and create a subscribe mailing list. If you know how to instal the plugins and structure the pages and that that would be good.

    l made a mess of my first html go and want to streamline it into blog type web pages. Egnoring all the crap in my site want to simplify it with only embedding a player(s) like this in blog pages and catalog them.

    l’ve basically got all the concept in my head i’ve just got to get it all down. I guess that’s most peoples problems.

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  • MichaelH


    Please consider posting a “New Job Request” [1] to have a professional work with you, or consider joining and soliciting professional assistance from the wp-pro mailing list [2].




    Hi, I just put a youtube video on my site. not all that dificult. when you look at your video on the web you will see the box off to the side with all the information. Brain fart, cant remember what it is called. Anyway you copy the code from the lower text box. Then you go to your site and paste it in a new page. Save the page and it should show up. Don’t exactly know where you want to put it at but you should be able to move it around the page. Also you can click on the picture sides and be able to adjust the size of it to fit. If you are looking to put the video in a sidebar you can use the text widget and place it in the text area. I will be making an instructional video of this soon for my site. It will soon be a members site for newbies by newbies.

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    I looing for that type of person that is bored and generous and wanting to make wordpress site like i was with flash years ago doing projects for people for free.

    I didnt have the money for pro developers. Anyway i ended up doing this myself. What’s new! For the benefit of others is anyone happens to stumble on this in a similar situation and needs to know…

    I used iNove Theme and made one page for each youtube playlist customized player and Embedded it into one page at a time selecting the ‘page with no sidebar’ option each page in iNove Theme.

    I’ve got all 300+ videos streamlined into 13 players and 13 pages now. The players are wide so a full 900px or so was needed for customized players form youtube to embed.

    Hope it help someone in the future. Anyway i got most of all my problems sorted out by embedding a lot of my old flash work into iNove pages. It’s interesting actually i like the hybrid considering once i would touch only 100% flash and nothing else. Times have changed.

    I like the ease at doing the html,css, PHP etc in WordPress because of the platform being pre set up. Since i suck big time at html,css and php etc the plugins ect are a god send.

    Getting there!

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