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  • Hi,
    My site is

    I have installed SEO Ultimate Plugin on my site. I pretty quickly started getting 404 errors. The error seems to be telling me that the google bot has found a broken link to a calendar. Since I didn’t have a calendar on the site I couldn’t figure out why. I finally added a calendar from the widget hoping that would stop it, but it didn’t.

    Now in following the details of the training video on SEO Ultimate, at the page where it is showing the File Editor, I noticed that the code that is in my .htaccess box is very different from the code in the training video. Mine has a bunch of stuff that is not right.

    When I first opened my site at Bluehost, I tried using a site builder called livesite instead of word press. I shortly realized what a mistake that was and removed it. But I remember it had a calendar and staff pages. Then I installed WP.

    What I am seeing in that File Editor Box on my site now, are a bunch of re-directs that have the words livesite in the coding.

    I really know nothing about coding, so am very nervous of changing that because of the warning on the SEO Ultimate training that it requires code knowledge to make changes in that box or I could lose my site.
    The coding that Ultimate training has in their box is very simple:

    #begin wordpress
    #end wordpress

    What should be in my box to make it work right?

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  • Moderator bcworkz


    It’s hard to say, because .htaccess files are frequently unique to each site. If one character is out of place, your entire site could be rendered inaccessible. I’m not familiar with SEO Ultimate, but if the edit box is similar to WP’s theme and plugin editors, you cannot make backup copies, which is a fatal flaw when editing .htaccess files.

    I suggest, if you don’t know how, learning how to move files between your local computer and your server via FTP. Then you can keep incremental copies of all your changes. You will also need a basic text editor that doesn’t add formatting data to the file. Better yet are programming editors with syntax highlighting for apache .htaccess files, besides the usual programming languages.

    Complete documentation for .htaccess directives is available: Apache Docs I would start by leaving anything between the wordpress comment lines and deleting anything that is obviously related to livesite. You must be careful to maintain proper syntax. Much like html, directives inside of <...> angle brackets have corresponding closing directives </...>. Other directives must have at least one of each type in a group to be complete. There’s other rules, they are all documented.

    The main thing is backup everything you do and make changes in manageable segments, verifying your site still functions after each change. Keep all versions of your changes, you may find something at a much later date in your site that no longer functions properly, requiring reverting to an earlier version.

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