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    Hi Everyone,
    i am a web developer who used to work with Joomla and is a total newbie to WordPress.
    i have a few questions before i start creating my new website.
    the specs are pretty straight forward but i couldn’t find the right mixture of plugins.

    my preference is to not program at all if possible and my initial budget is 200$. we would be able to add more code later (so we have a slight preference towards open source plugins and of course great free ones)

    so here is what we need (feel free to ask me more question if i forgot to mention something):

    1. a squeeze page with Email/username/password
    the page should integrate with Aweber and should support affiliate links so that users that register “belong” to the affilate and he or she will be paid after the first purchase(for example i looked into WP-affilate that integrates with Graveter and that would work but paying 99$ for a plugin that creates forms? seriously?? – WP-affiliate also works with contact form 7 but it does not integrate with Aweber).

    2. an eCommerce plugin with:
    A. integration with the affiliate plugin to get the purchaser id and set the amount we need to pay the affiliate
    B. support for subscription
    C. support for membership (discounts based on membership for example)
    D. support for discounts/coupons would be nice
    F. international currency support is a must (we do not use USD)

    3. membership:
    to support the eCommerce part (discounts) as well as different content shown depending on the membership level

    4.A social network that doesn’t mess the rest of the plugins (maybe BuddyPress?) that allows user to interact, create an avatar, create groups – would be great, see each others profiles etc.


    instead’ some seamless integration with Facebook (or maybe both i am not sure and open for suggestions) support for OpenGraph would be a big plus

    5. a “nice to have” would be a login option thu Facebook or Google that sets the info into Aweber (and gets the affiliate ID as well)

    6. a forum would be great. i saw that bbpress can be used thru BuddyPress. any other options?

    7.a personal zone where the user can write his or her own notes(maybe that option already exists in BuddyPress but i am not sure) – giving the user the option to design the fields of the diary etc would be a plus (Nice to have – not a must), sharing the notes or some of the notes with others would be a plus.

    for section 1,2 and 3 i thought of using: WP-affiliate+eStore+eMember bundle but would love to hear if you have any experience with them as i am a total newbie.

    any suggestions for plugins that work well together, are reasonably priced and fill these requirement (most or all) would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you all for your help

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