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  1. froescn
    Posted 3 years ago #

    Hi, I'm new to WordPress. I want to create a web page that features both a blog and an image gallery that I can conveniently manage via a CMS interface. I'm a bit lost in test installations of gallery plugins right now without quite getting there.

    I think my problem is that I want a global gallery as the master structure of the site while the plugins are more geared towards posting galleries in a post. Here is a description of what I would like to achieve:

    I now have a telescope and want to publish astroimages I take. The main part of the site should be an image gallery (for example, menu item "solar system", subitem "saturn" => display gallery of all saturn images). Images should be complemented by a description (caption / tags / metadata / whatever) that is somehow accessible when clicking on the thumbnail. In addition, I might write blog posts referring to individual images (in all likelihood only when publishing a new image of some note). In this case the same media item with the same data should should be referred when clicking on the image in the post.

    Any pointers appreciated.

  2. froescn
    Posted 3 years ago #

    To answer it myself, WPPA+ seems to be very suitable for this.


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