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  1. EricMSales
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    ["HELP!!!" deleted from your topic - that's unnecessary]


    I own a two new media lifestyle sites that runs on WordPress (3.6.1), VitaFavo.com and VitaFavo.com/Locals (two separate installs).

    Currently, we fetch the RSS information from VitaFavo.com and distribute it - daily - through our newsletter. No problems.

    However, we're planning to do the same with the VitaFavo.com/Locals feed (http://vitafavo.com/locals/feed/) and during the "fetch" process - the system throws a "503 Error: System Unavailable".

    Through research, I've come to learn that this is a unique issue. The site (VitaFavo.com/Locals) loads fine (although, it's currently unavailable to the public, it loads completely fine for us in the back-end.

    Does anyone know what this could be, or how I can fix it? Because, I am going insane - and our launch is days away, and I'd love to have the newsletter completely functional.

    Just a thought... can I disable the "HTACCESS" file? Will that help, or destroy my site?

    The Feed in Question: http://vitafavo.com/feed/
    The Site in Question: http://vitafavo.com/

    Currently, all of my sites are hosted on GoDaddy; there are a lot of them - but this issue doesn't exist anywhere else.


    I greatly appreciate the feedback!

    - EMS

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