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  • Hello, the theme I was previously using had feature images of many different sizes and it has been an extensive process to re-size them all. Thus, the slider is not appearing when I activated & configured Tempera. Is there anyway to use the slider with minimum to no resizing of previous post images? Thank you!

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  • Hi

    There are a number of plugins to regenerate thumbnails eg

    Have you tried them?

    that has not helped but thank you. Can one of the themes creators please answer my question?

    Theme Author CryoutCreations



    If you’re looking to get your answer by submitting 1 star reviews to the theme you’re still using, trust me it’s not the best way to go. Actually since you gave the theme 1 star I suggest you uninstall it right now and move on. You obviously shouldn’t use a 1 star theme.

    Featured image sizes have NOTHING to do with the slider not working. The fact that the theme you previously used was using featured images of many different sizes is really not Tempera’s problem is it? How many stars did you give the theme you were previously using anyway? And why aren’t you still using it? Is a 1 star theme better than it?

    Also, when you’re asking for support, the number one rule is to always show the link of the site in question. It’s a lot easier for people to understand what your problem is especially since you didn’t bother to give out many details. For example just saying “the slider isn’t appearing” doesn’t really say that much does it? Is it not appearing at all, is there a loading gif inside the slider, can you see the slider borders, is the presentation page showing?

    Well then here’s my review of your support question: 0 stars. Try to express yourself, put some effort into your questions so that it’s justified that somebody else puts some effort into answering them.

    Have a great day!

    That review (posted just 4 hours ago) has been deleted. Please do not try to use the review system as a way of trying to leverage support. Any attempt to do this could be viewed as an abuse of the system and may result in your account being blocked.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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