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  • I’d like a method of users registering and logging in without encountering the ugly white default screen. It looks very unprofessional. I’d like the “Register/Login” prompts to be on the main page, preferably near the top. I tried removing the Meta widget because I figured this was already in the menu bar at the top, but the bar doesn’t show up unless you’re registered and logged in already, which I think is stupid, so there’s no way to register and login. Fortunately, I could add the /wp-admin to the URL to get back in and make changes. I have tried several register/login plugins, none that have worked so far. Well, one was pretty nice and was on the upper right of the page (nice) but as soon as you try to register, it just sends you to the default screen (white and ugly) where you have to repeat the process.

    So, I’d like either some nifty plugins or some detailed code modifications to files to make this happen. I’d appreciate anyone who can help me.

    Oh, here is my website:

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  • Moderator kmessinger


    Google “customize wordpress login”

    A lot of links there, but this doesn’t help. The first hit is a plugin that does the same thing as the default, only looks not quite as bad. I don’t want the user to ever leave the home page when registering or logging in.

    I can’t figure out why WordPress, as popular as it is, doesn’t do what very other website/blogger software does: Have a nice login prompt. I might be willing to use the Meta widget one but it has a lot of extra links I don’t want and I’ll probably have to edit the file. Also, it is too far down the page for my liking but is at the very top of the widgets in the admin panel. I guess the theme has things hard coded above the widget area.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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