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    The theme is k2 modified heavily. I am using Vito Tardia’s Improved Include Page Plugin and also a home.php template with the include page plugin called and query_posts(“cat=9&orderby=DATE”) to show posts from category 9 on the home page.

    When it displays the homepage it is also including the Archive information. WordPress apparently doesn’t view this as the homepage any more because normally all the is_home statements would take care of this.

    Does anyone know a work-around to this or can someone offer some advise on how to edit theloop to hide this info on the home page or even another page template? (I have something similar setup on a couple other pages using templates.)
    Everything I get to work also hides the Archive info on pages that are supposed to have it also.

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  • Would you mind telling me how you edit your home page right now? Is it through the “Theme Editor” or through Manage -> Pages?

    Another way to ask my question is, “Have you created a page with a slug “home” and template “home” or are you doing it all through the theme editor/ftp?

    I edit the page that is included in the pages.php template using Manage -> Pages. Right now, my access provider doesn’t allow me to use the Theme Editor or any of the other wp file management capabilities.

    I haven’t made the welcome page slug “home” yet. My home template isn’t really a “template,” but uses the built in home template (home.php).

    I changed the slug for the included page to “home,” but nothing changed.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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