Help! Problem with ISAVPN (windows 2003) Cannot ping & see the Remote Computers. (1 post)

  1. djtyambao
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    Anyone! Please help me with this problem. I have an ISA/VPN Server. Connecting to it is no problem but when trying to ping the servers it says "timed out expired" and I checked the net icon from the system tray and I noticed that the receiving bytes is so small and no compression unlike the "Sent" has bigger bytes and with compression. I cannot access the other computers from the remote part.

    here's the setup

    XP(me)====>internet===>d-link router -===>Windows VPN/ISA

    example when click the icon when vpn connected


    Sent Received
    14,204 351(stacked with this number) Bytes
    12% 0% (compression)
    0 0 (errors)

    So Please anyone.....


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