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  • I have set up a site, I have the options set for a static front page. and the posts are to go to the top of the page called “Some Background”
    However when we got our first post and we published it it showed up at the top of the Home page. We don’t want that, that is not how we set the options up, but it is what happened…
    so what do you suggest we do, we want the front page to be totally static as far as the contents of the page go as they expalin the purpose of the blog etc.
    Thanks up front to those that post here and respond to this
    Stu Jones

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  • So: did you create two Pages by going to Write > Write Page and after that you set up one of them as frontpage and the other as your posts page?

    there are three pages published (well the home page and two other pages). i want the home page to be static. i set a page that i called “some background” to be the page where new posts go. in fact that is what the options are set for, static front page (Home) and new posts going to “some background” however the first post ended up at the top of the home page, which is what we do NOT want

    Well, the URL you gave in your OP is wrong, so I cannot see it.

    no it isn’t:

    So the “u” should be in there? Don’t think so.

    no it isn’t:

    Nothing helps more than arguing about nonsenses…

    I copied and pasted that from address window in the browser. Telluride is a ski town in Colorado USA, and we are setting up a community blog for them. i clicked the link above and it took me to the site

    What is the content of your Page titled “Home”?
    You should put your welcome message there – not as a post!

    You are not getting this at all. There is a post over the welcome message. we dont want posts on the front page, just the welcome message.
    Here is the welcome message copied from the home page of the web site:

    October 3rd, 2007

    This blog is for those who feel that the discourse in Telluride is currently confined to too few people who aren’t necessarily hearing what their neighbors and constituents have to say.

    We think that you, the neighbors and constituents and the people who love Telluride, have as much to say and have ideas that are as good as the Town Council or the County Commissioners or the newspapers and you need an outlet. We have put in our own money and our own time to provide that outlet. It may not be read by anyone except for a few of us, but I doubt it. It may just turn into the only source of truth and deep thinking in the Valley.

    We want this to be an interactive site that welcomes insights into Telluride’s major issues and encourages solutions that are creative and not being discussed anywhere else. We want to rabble rouse and organize and stir up the pot. We want to seek community CREATIVITY through education and edification.

    After years of hearing people complain that the media are not getting the whole story and not doing enough investigative journalism, we decided to do something about it.

    We decided to create an independent Telluride forum for independent thinkers.

    Naturally, we call it TELLURIDEBLOG.COM.

    We will be setting up various discussion groups on various general topics and once the topics become real hot, we will set up sub discussion groups for more specific areas of interest.

    To begin with, we want to hear from YOU. We want to know if you think this is a good idea and what topics you would like to discuss.

    We are very political both locally and nationally. We are very familiar with the history of Telluride especially since the inception of the ski area when we moved here and we now want to know what YOU KNOW and what YOU WANT TO KNOW.

    We want to influence the future of Telluride by adding the voice of reason and a bit of lunatic fringe thinking to the everyday politico and psycho babble.

    We welcome conservative and liberal ideas. We welcome all opinions. We do not welcome any name calling and are not interested in repetition. The site will be monitored daily and certain entries will not be used. The ones that are used will be used in their unedited entirety. If we don’t use your entry we will try to tell you why and encourage you to write again or self-edit in a manner that will make it useable.

    It is OK to name names but not to call people names. There are no bad questions and no bad answers. But some are better and some are brilliant and those are the ones we are after.

    May you find this site cathartic and a breath of fresh mountain air.


    PS- To start blogging you must register, just click the registration link in the right-hand navigation.

    That is why i am writing all this. the options are specifically set for static front page and put posts on page called “some background”.
    Thats what this is all about, the wordpress isn’t doing what we have the options set for….
    Have you been doing this long? you questioned the url which is correct telling me i mis spelled it when it was correct, and you don’t seem to be getting that we are trying to get this to work the way you are saying and have it set for that, but it is not doing it.

    A late question. Does your theme have a page.php template file?

    I do not even know what that is. it has a wordpress theme installed, though. Like i said we are wanting no posts on the front page and the only post wrote to the front page instead ofthe some background page.

    i will be glad to ftp into the server and find out if you can tell me where it would be amongst the files for the site.

    It should be located in wp-contents > themes > (your theme folder) > page.php

    Yes there is a page.php file there

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