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  • I’ve been reading up on WordPress for the past few hours, playing with a test installation, and generally getting to know how it works in hopes of converting over to this new system. Currently I run my own home grown CMS system which is incomplete, cumbersome and will most likely never be finished has I have no time anymore. All in all I find WordPress to be an ideal system but I have one snag, my current permalink structure won’t work with WordPress. I created my blog with three primary content “directories” using mod_rewrite: i.e.:
    /archives/2004/02/01/ – for browsing through archives
    /catagories/catagory_name/ – for browsing catagories
    /article/article_name/ – for viewing individual articles
    Each of these directory trees is handled by a seperate script: archives.php, catagories.php, article.php respectivley.
    You can see this in action my browsing around my site:
    Essentially what I am trying to do is come up with a way to keep my old link structure compatible with whatever I end up doing with WordPress. Any suggestions would be extremely appreciated. I’m open to just about anything. Thanks in advance.
    William (mydimension)

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  • William,
    Welcome to the WP community! I came across your site a while back while looking for a blockquote source script, and I liked how you did yours. You were kind enough to send me the script, which was much appreciated.
    I’m sure that the coders will help you out soon. I’m just here because I’m pretty. Damn pretty, in fact. Everybody has their role to play, right? 😉
    Good luck with your site, and…
    have fun!

    I think the best way to do this would be to modify your software to send a redirect to the new permalinks. Set up WP permalinks with the recommended settings, then in for example article.php when you grab the information for a post instead of displaying it redirect it using the date and a modified version of the title. You can grab the sanitize_title function from wp-includes/functions.php to help you out.

    allusion: thanx for the input
    i had thought about doing this shortly after posting this. about the only hurdle i see right now with this option is dealing with redirecting my category links. I use shorter names for use in the url and longer names for display (i.e. /catgories/online/ is the URL for the “Online Happenings” category). one possible solution is mapping the old (shorter) names to their new WP version. When all is said and done I’m gonna document this (the changes neccesary for my changeover) as best a possible on my blog.

    well, the install is complete. design, previous blog entries, etc. have all been ported over andthe majority of my old URLs still work, specificly those that I used as permalinks before. Thanks for the help.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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