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    Love this website and want mine to function like this Crescent City Pilates. Can anyone tell me how to find the right theme so that mine will function the same way? I need to be able to change the colors, but I like the ease of function. The dropdowns, the buttons on the side where the info is. the links, it looks great on the web and smart phone, and all pages are short and sweet and the same. places for pic and it needs to be easy to use on my mac. Please help me I have no idea what I am doing. I’m trying to make my websites(have 2 I need to do like this) very easy for my clients and me. Please help me find a wordpress theme for my website like the Crescent City Pilates one.

    Thanks you

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  • That’s not a WP site — it’s Drupal. But you can very likely do something fairly similar with WP. But no one can really pick a theme for you – start by looking at the themes here — they are all free and meet WP standards:

    Once you have a theme, you can make modifications if you want to and add plug-ins for extra functionality.

    Forgot to add I need to be able to add Facebook and other social media links on the pages, newsletter link and scheduling for classes

    Thank you so much!

    Those can be done via plug-ins. But first steps first. If you have not used WP before, there is a learning curve. This may be helpful:

    I just want a theme that sets like that one. Do you know of some themes that can look like that website? Like the drop downs and little numbered buttons on the right side. Basically I guess its two navigation bars. I have looked and looked at themes and am so confused. I’m just looking for one as similar to that one as possible and I just can’t seem to get it. I’m making myself crazy with this. Cna responsive or 2012 be set up that way? Looks like the picture and info is setting off the back ground.

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    Consider WPyogi’s suggestions and search the themes at You can even try searching through filters to narrow it down.

    To achieve a theme exactly the same as that, you’ll need to build it or modify an existing theme. You will need some web development experience and to be prepared to learn, or you could hire someone at to do all of it for you.

    WHAT about the Responsive Theme? Could it be used to do what Crescent City Pilates has done?

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    It can be done with any theme. Try and get one that looks as similar as possible, then modify it.

    Responsive is a really great theme – it has excellent support, many theme options and is easily customizable. You can see more about it and even ask questions on its site here:

    I have been trying to find one that looks like it but they all look alike to me. I’m so confused on how to see if it will work that way. Nothing i find looks like it at all.

    @pole Perfect Fitness, i can help you. That is quite simple design. [Contact info redacted per forum rules]

    @DesignRapid – it’s against the forum rules to solicit business or offer your contact information. Please don’t.

    @wpyogi don’t you think its fair to help someone for free but in case he is taking too much time then charge something in return ???
    Don’t you think it’s better than guiding a person to post job where people like will try to reach him. So you are wasting our time as you have yourself suggested him to hire someone!!!

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    DesignRapid, please take this discussion to the Miscellaneous forum, as not to pollute this thread with off-topic queries.

    I really just need names of themes that work like the one I need. I don’t understand how to find it. Im so confused there are so many choices. Plz Help

    Is there no one who can help me figure this out? These themes make no sense to me on how to make it look like the one I like. Just need some names of ones that would be easy to use and might possibly be set up very close to what I need. I feel like I am wasting so much time because I don’t understand. is it possible to get some direction?

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 16 total)
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