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  • Hi i started to use wordpress which seamed to be more easy then code manually.. But it became harder then i thought.
    So i have couple of questions i need help with, its ok if you cant answer all, but all help is apprichiated.

    1. How do i alight my content text to left insted of center which it is right now? And make it more to the top under the menu.

    2. How to a take away the name on the top left side and put the logotyp insted and centering it?

    3. how do i delete “wordpress” on the footer and write my own “copyright”.

    4. how do i put my own advatisment and banners on the right?

    please it turned out that i was a complete dummy on wordpress, so would be kind of you if you could help me.

    the site:

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  • For starters, when you wish to keep using the standard theme Twentyeleven, make sure to make a child theme of it. Every wordpress pack contains the theme, so every time you update, all your changes to the theme files will be overwritten.

    Second, there are thousands of themes available. See in your dashboard ‘appearance’->’themes’ and use the tabb ‘add theme’ and/or look around a bit here first. There could well be a theme more to your liking than Twentyeleven.

    All your questions require editing theme files. You can do this under ‘appearance’->’editor’.

    1. I’m not much of a coder, but my guess is you have to have a look at the stylesheet (style.css). You will find several alignment commands there;
    2. Look at the header.php;
    3. Footer.php;
    4. Have a look at an ad plugin.

Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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