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  • line 279 in wp-login.php

    Thanks, I removed that whole line of code from the wp-login.php file, but still the same.

    Any other code I need to remove and/or edit to affect the change?


    Clear browser cache?

    Thanks. I tried it in 2 different browsers and held down the Ctrl key each time I refresehd the page just in case. Usually would dump any browser cache.

    Try please and see what you get.


    Right, it’s not your cache and the “back to” link is still in the source. Maybe Wistlers’s suggestion was only a half one (or you forgot to upload the new file)? I cannot look in my own files, so besides my suggestion of 50 minutes ago, I can’t help you…

    Thanks Gangleri. I had already downloaded the file from the server after uploading it to make sure the edited one was there. I think you are right and there is something more to the code edit I still need to make it work possibly. Anyone else have any further thoughts on this please? Thank you.

    Just doing a quick grep on that file produced six lines where it has a link. Look on line 157 159 279 376 380 382, you need to subtract one from the last three since you already deleted line 279.

    Thanks Jeremy. I took out the last 3 lines one by one as you sugessted and finally after I took out the 3rd one did it work.

    I seemed to have lost that notificaiton that you have sucessfully logged out now after logging back out, but who really needs that anyway.

    Thanks again. Mission complete.

    I just put in the new version of WordPress (did an upgrade actually). Does anyone know what line to remove from the wp-login.php file to get rid of that gray colored bar at the top of the log-in screen?

    A cheap and simple way to remove the gray bar is to simply edit /wp-admin/css/colors-fresh.css. Search for: #wphead, body.login and change the color to white (#ffffff) or transparent.

    Also, you shouldn’t have lost the logout message. I’d upload a fresh copy of wp-admin.php and try it again.

    As far as I know, you only have to remove the last two instances of: <p id="backtoblog"><a>/" title="<?php _e('Are you lost?') ?>"><?php printf(__('&laquo; Back to%s'), get_bloginfo('title', 'display' )); ?></a>

    The second one is for the register screen and the third is for the login screen. Not sure what the first one is for, but editing it is probably what broke your logout message…

Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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