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  • So my install worked fine I can login to dashboard, but no changes I make work. Can’t change admin passwd. Can’t Post. Can’t delete. Nothing. It’s like like nothing is taking. Checked the MySQL db all tables are present and I get no error messages from WP. What gives I am thoroughly confused any advice Please. Eternally grateful. I want to migrate my Bloggers over to WP for self hosting but…… I can’t do anything have wiped and done clean install like 5 times now same thing everytime.

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  • Where is your blog ?

    Sorry My blog is @
    Everything is uploaded into that directory
    It seems to be installed just fine. I just can’t make any changes at all.
    It’s hosted by bravenet.

    Change the theme ?

    Yes I just discovered I can change themes and install and set active plug-ins but, I still can’t post or delete or anything else including change any “Options” or “Users”

    I think you need to delete the lot and reinstall.
    There seem to be theme problems and also those issues with not being able to add information.

    Keep your wp-config.php, but inside that file, change the ‘table_prefix’ from ‘wp_’ to ‘wp2_’
    Use a fresh download of wp for ALL the other files.

    I appreciate your willingness to help and I will try that again but, mind you I have reinstalled this several times with different DB prefixes and even cleared out the MySQL DB completely a couple of times VIA PHP Myadmin. I will try it again with a new Download of WP though.

    If you want, I will install it for you ?
    And if problems persist it will then be easier to dig around and see what it could be. I would obviously need full access to your site, but you can trust me not to go breaking things 🙂

    Oops … t2 @ tamba2 . org . uk

    Ok then I just did the re-install and things are just the same. First go take a look at the admin maybe there is something there I’m missing it’s at

    so at least you can see what it is that happening.

    I would like to install two installations at least for different applications ( maybe more If I can Play with it and find uses) So I’d definitely like to do it myself but, maybe we can try it and you’ll see something I’m missing.

    I’ve had a look – and I haven’t the faintest idea.
    I have flagged this to the hackers list so someone else who knows the code better should be along soon. In the meantime, could you find out what php version you have / mysql version ?

    I sent you an E-mail with more info.

    I can’t seem to find out what version of PHP my host uses but, I know the MySQL version is at least MySQL 4.0.2

    Hmm…. I suspect this is PHP related ?

    <?php phpinfo(); ?> produces a blank page: (I uploaded an info.php both using the file manager and filezilla)

    From with the install, trying to edit either the post or the comment just causes a blank write screen to load.
    All the files look fine on the server.
    No mention anywhere of PHP versions
    MySQL 4.0.24
    phpMyAdmin 2.6.1-pl3

    Editing in the database is fine.
    I can’t find any error logs …..

    Maybe they limit options so as to get people to use whatever “Bravejournal” is ?

    Yeah that’s what i was thinking to they’ve been a pain in my arse for a while what hosts do people recommend?

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 18 total)
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