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    Help please – Having trouble creating subfolders with classipress childtheme in multisite

    Hi everybody,
    I´m having problems creating subfolders on my multisite instalation with childtheme, need to have different subfolders to have the same childtheme in many diferent languages like for eg: my main domain and subfolder will be for the Portuguese version.
    My multisite configuration is all alright and I can create the subfolder in Portuguese without trouble, but then when trying to access to that subfolder dashboard my broswer is telling me(Firefox has detected that the server is redirecting the request for this address in a way that the process is never complete).
    I´ve check the server files and the pt subfolder is not there, I don´t understand why!!
    Already contact (bluehost) my hosting and they say that they can´t do nothing about it because they don´t give support to multisite…I´ve read some stuff here and it seems that some similar happent to some people after upgrading to version 3.5 that was my case, but to be honest I didin´t tested before upgrading to the wordpress nearest version..
    Their issue was using subdomains and not subfolders and also not using a chiltheme… Their solution was something related with(Wildcard DNS record problem) what is not my case because bluehost says that subfolders don´t use that.
    I´ve got another hosting where I´m using multisite but not with a child theme and I use subdomains instead of subfolder and it works properly.
    Can someone tells me what to do to sort this out once that I´ve got a lot of time invested on this and can´t start everything again?
    My code skills are very limited, really appreciate some help.
    Thanks in advance guys

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  • Hi there,

    Since you’re using the WordPress multisite, first of all you need to understand the Types of Multisite.

    In order for you to create a new site within the network, you don’t have to create a new folder, you just have to go to your Network Dashboard – and Add Site (Image)

    That’s all you need.

    Hi Mohd,
    I´ve donne exactly that, I created like the example: (, and in the backoffice the site is there created but them when I try to access the dashboard is giving that error that I mention above.
    Need some help

    This is a weird.

    Have you got any plugins for domain mapping installed? And I was wondering if you can send the screenshot of your Sites Dashboard (Network Dashboard)

    Hi Mohd,
    I´m not using domain mapping but it may be something related to the .htaccess like I saw on this threat here:

    My problem is that I install bps security that completely change the files and now I´m lost, without knowing at to do because I can´t find the peace of code that must change
    How can I send you a screen shot here? don´t know how to do it..ioi
    Please help

    First things first, you can take a screenshot using Jing or other online service like Jing –

    I’m trying my best to understand and re-read your requirement and often lost with the terms that you’re using.

    “Having trouble creating subfolders with classipress childtheme in multisite”

    Let tackle this together. Apart from that, can you copy and paste your network install configuration on wp-config.php? You can use and share the link here.

    Hi Mohd,
    Really sorry to confused you…was a problem with .htaccess rules that is already sorted.
    Sometimes when we don´t know much about this things we tend to talk about a lot about things that we don´t understante and confuse other.
    I really appreciate your sympathy, and I may need some good advice if you can give me.
    As you know I´building a multisite that I need to have the same template in many different languages.
    Each language I need to be a completely different website and have the need to all of them to be very visible in terms of major search engines.
    I may in the future buy another domains to park under my main domain to give more visibility to websites in specific countries.
    Been reading a lot about this and I´m very confused, I thing the opinios differ a lot.
    Can you give me some good advise? shall I configure my multisite as subdomain or subdirectory? what is the most effective way to suit my needs?


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    MillionsHomePages – Since you made another post asking this, I’m going to mark this one resolved 🙂

    Mohd – Awesome job!

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