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  • Hi All,

    I am attempting to upload WP to my server to run directly on my website. I have tried following instructions most of which mean nothing to me. So far I have got to this: so something is there. I think I may have a prob with the MySQL part.

    I’ve now read 3 instructions on the MySQL database set up but non are remotely like what I have to do. Apologies I’ve been brought up on those template companies and only just got my own server so it’s all new.

    If anyone can help and go right to basics I would really appreciate it.

    Many Thanks
    Belinda 🙂

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  • If the instructions in Step 2, Creating the Database and User are not clear, then ask your host to confirm this information:
    Database host/server:
    Database name:
    Database user:
    Database password:

    Thanks for your reply. I’ve been working on it slowly and I have progressed. Yes the local host was wrong as was the DB name. I’ve now got a page I’ve not seen before so that can only be good news. It asked for my blog name and email, I submited but then only got a page error.

    I’m now reading I have to Point your browser to /wp-admin/upgrade.php. What does that mean?


    At first glance it seems you’ve not uploaded the files correctly.

    If you don’t have FileZilla, get it and install it and use it.

    See Uploading WordPress to a remote host

    I’m reluctant to bring yet another download to the table when I can’t manage the ones I have…I appreciate its there to make the job of uploading to the remote host easy but is it easy to learn? I could spend 4hrs figuring that out. Would you rececommend I remove all WP files that I manaully uploaded via ftp?


    Save a copy of wp-config.php, delete the files on your host and start over.

    Remember to upload files via FTP as ASCII. If using Filezilla, the automatic setting is okay.

    Ok, most of that sounds fine but I don’t know what ASCII is?

    ASCII is one of the ‘modes’ used to upload files in FTP. Another ‘mode’ is binary and you DO NOT want to use that.

    Ok, thanks v.much for your help.

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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