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  • I had this error too. I fixed it by backing up my version.php and uploading a fresh copy from So weird. Hopefully someone can tell us why this happened. It only affected one of my websites.

    Edit: Well, in the top of version.php there is a crazy long encoded php code that contains preg_replace. I can paste the code if requested. Really wondering how it got there.

    Aha, I fixed it. By you mean download the latest wordpress version from and upload their fresh copy of version.php. I had a “doh!” moment, but I couldn’t figure out what you meant by file. 🙂

    This worked like a charm, thank you!

    FYI to everyone that sees this error, that particular function causing the error is built by the hashed code at the top of version.php typically injected by a script that hacks the site. Removing that block of jumbled code will fix the problem, but you also should address how the file got modified in the first place. Change your FTP passwords to something very strong, change your admin passwords too. Secure your site, otherwise it can happen again, and next time might be worse.

    i am SO SO Glad that it worked. replacing the version.php was all that was required for this fix. all the other files were fine.

    Glad I found this post. Thank you! Saved a lot of time hunting down a fix.

    Please help! I have this same exact problem, but I don’t understand what to do to fix it. Where is the version.php, and how do I replace it? Or, how do I upload from my .zip file? I can’t get into the site to upload anything. I obviously don’t have any idea what I’m doing, but I knew enough to get the site up and running for a year. Now I’m completely locked out of it and have no idea what to do!

    We just had this happen too. Good Lord. What is the mater with people! In any case, thank you for this post. It was the exact problem and we are back up and running after fixing our version.php. Thank you, Thank you!

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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