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    I enjoy this plugin and my users on a support group site I run so I so wanted to install it for my Son’s Site (http://josephstory.org) and his blog is http://josephstory.org/jjblog/ Everything installed just fine and set it up like I did the one on the other site. Both now are extremely much the same but with 2 different support groups. My Son was born with CHD-Congenital Heart Defect and has had 2 open heart surgeries and just now turning to the age of 2. Nevertheless, when i run the plugin it cannot find the images. I tried everything, from changing it to the full http path and still no luck. It should just be simply the default as I set up the other site.

    The game page can be found at this link: http://joseph.heavenboundministry.com/jjblog/memory-match-game/ Funny Thing is everything seems to be working, you can guess and finally hit the right two matches and finally win–just the images don’t show.

    Would love to get it working. Could it be because I have it in a directory off the sub-domain? This seemed the best bet when I started up the site because I was using phpbb and wordpress and wp-united to bring the two together. Which worked fantastically but wp-united seems to not be supported much anymore or updated. So I switched everything over to buddypress and bbpress but it still resides in a directory off the sub-domain jjblog. Thanks for any help and an awesome plugin.

    I tried the other games relying on the images as well, and they behave the same way. No Images all besides the wordsearch plugin another awesome plugin!



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